Idaho Bar Owner Declares “Heterosexual Awareness Month” and Makes Record Profits

A local bar in Eagle, Idaho, called the Old State Saloon, recently made headlines by declaring June “Heterosexual Awareness Month” and offering discounts for heterosexual customers.

Fitzpatrick’s Inspiration

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The idea for “Heterosexual Awareness Month” bar owner Mark Fitzpatrick who said he was inspired to create the event in order to celebrate a counter to LGBTQ Pride Month.

Celebrating the Otherside

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When asked about the event by Fox News Digital, Fitzpatrick highlighted his intention to celebrate the “otherside of sexuality” and his own religous faiths role in the decision.

Gods Design?

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Fitzpatrick said, “I was thinking of a way that we could celebrate the other side of sexuality, heterosexuality, the way God designed it. And that’s kind of where I’m at with people that support us and are like-minded.”

Straight Discounts

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The bar’s celebration of “Heterosexual Awareness Month” will include a variety of discounts for straight people and couples who come to the bar during June.

Monday Beers

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The first night of the week the bar owner is giving away a free pint of beer to every straight man who comes to the bar on Monday’s in June.

Couples Night

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On Wednesday’s in June every couple that comes into the bar will receive a 15% discount on their order to encourage straight couples to dine and drink at the bar.

Happy Hour for Women

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Every Thursday in June, straight women will be able to go to the bar and they can enjoy happy hour prices all day rather than the usual one to two hour window.

Ongoing Promotions

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Beyond the specific day deals, the bar will also offer ongoing promotions throughout June to celebrate “Heterosexual Awesomeness Month,” and encourage straight customers patronage.

Getting Attention

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Unsurprisingly, the announcement brought significant attention to the bar, and Fitzpatrick says the majority of feedback he’s gotten has supported the initiative.

Negative Feedback

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However, Fitzpatrick also said he has received “crass” and “rude” messages from people upset by the initiative and its attempt to pull focus away from Pride month.

Distancing From the Bar

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Some local businesses and people have actually distanced themselves from the bar, including a bakery that canceled orders due to the concerns of their queer employees. 

The Larger Criticism

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However, the backlash has gone far part the local community, with LGBTQ+ supporters all across the country speaking out against this challenge to Pride month.

Pride’s Significance

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One article from ‘Funny or Offensive’ pointed out the historical significance June has for the LGBTQ+ community and how heterosexual people simply have not faced the same kind of discrimination.

Celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community

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The Funny or Offensive article read, “Pride Month exists to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, which has historically faced discrimination and marginalization. Heterosexuality doesn’t require the same level of advocacy, and some see the OSS campaign as diminishing the importance of Pride Month.”

Expanding Facilities

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Despite the backlash, the Fitzgerald has launched a fundraiser to support the bar so they can expand its facilities with a larger indoor space and parking lot.

The Lord Provides

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However, Fitzgerald also said, “We are by no means destitute for money! The Lord always provides. We’ve had so many people reach out and ask to ‘buy a round of drinks’ or ‘donate to the cause’

Let’s Do It

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 Fitzgerald went on to say, “I figured, hey, if the world wants to help us by financing the construction of a building we use for these types of purposes, let’s do it!”

Finding Success

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Strangely enough, the initiative has actually brought the bar a great deal of success, with the first Monday of June bringing record sales and one couple that traveled 400 miles to be there.

Overwhelmingly Positive

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Firzpatrick told the Washington Examiner, “The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve had people driving long distances just to come and show their support.”

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