21 Laws You Won’t Believe Exist in the USA

Have you ever stumbled upon a law that left you scratching your head? From quirky to downright baffling, here are some surprising laws still on the books across America.

1. No Ice Cream Cone in Your Back Pocket

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In Alabama, it’s illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket. This odd law dates back to the 20th century, aimed at preventing horse theft.

2. Singing Off-Key Is Prohibited

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In North Carolina, singing off-key in public is technically against the law. It’s rarely enforced, but could you imagine getting fined for a bad rendition of your favorite song?

3. No Dancing While Wearing a Hat

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In Fargo, North Dakota, it’s illegal to dance with a hat on. This law supposedly aims to preserve the decorum of dance halls.

4. Eating Fried Chicken With Anything Other Than Your Hands

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In Gainesville, Georgia, it’s illegal to eat fried chicken with anything other than your hands. Cutlery aficionados, beware!

5. No Mispronouncing “Arkansas”

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In Arkansas, mispronouncing the state’s name is against the law. It’s a point of pride for locals, but imagine getting fined for a slip of the tongue!

6. Forbidden to Shoot a Buffalo From Second-Story Hotel Room

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In Arizona, shooting a buffalo from a second-story hotel room is illegal. How this law came about remains a mystery.

7. It’s Illegal to Play Dominoes on Sunday

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In Alabama, playing dominoes on Sunday could get you in trouble. This law reflects historical blue laws that regulate Sunday activities.

8. No Whistling Underwater

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In Vermont, it’s illegal to whistle underwater. This law may be more about safety than preventing annoyance.

9. No Selling Cars on Sundays

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In Michigan, selling cars on Sundays is prohibited by law. This old-fashioned rule dates back to times when Sunday was strictly a day of rest.

10. Forbidden to Walk Backward After Sunset

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In Devon, Connecticut, it’s illegal to walk backward after sunset. This law was likely enacted for safety reasons in earlier times.

11. No Wearing Masks in Public

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Several states, including New York, have laws against wearing masks in public places, which can make Halloween a tricky affair.

12. It’s Illegal to Scare a Baby

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In Rhode Island, scaring a baby is considered a crime. This law aims to protect infants from unnecessary distress.

13. No Riding a Horse While Intoxicated

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In Colorado, riding a horse while under the influence is illegal. It’s a law that harks back to the Wild West era.

14. No Flirting While Riding a Bike

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In California, flirting while riding a bike is against the law. Focus on the road, folks!

15. It’s Illegal to Catch a Fish With Your Bare Hands

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In Kansas, catching a fish with your bare hands is illegal. You’ll need a rod and reel for that.

16. Forbidden to Pump Your Own Gas

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In Oregon, it’s illegal to pump your own gas at a gas station. This law aims to protect jobs in the service industry.

17. No Bathing in a Public Fountain

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In Nevada, bathing in a public fountain is illegal. Keep your swimsuit trips to the pool!

18. It’s Illegal to Tie an Alligator to a Fire Hydrant

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In Michigan, tying an alligator to a fire hydrant is a no-go. This law seems more like a safety precaution than a common occurrence.

19. Forbidden to Walk a Cow Down Main Street After 1 PM on Sunday

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In South Dakota, walking a cow down Main Street after 1 PM on Sundays is illegal. It’s another nod to historical blue laws.

20. No Scratching a Car With Your Bicycle

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In Utah, it’s illegal to scratch a car with your bicycle. Watch those handlebars!

21. It’s Illegal to Give a Moose a Beer

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In Alaska, giving a moose a beer is against the law. Apparently, intoxicated moose aren’t good for anyone.

Are You Guilty of Any of These?

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Who knew the legal landscape could be so bizarre? While many of these laws are rarely enforced today, they offer a glimpse into America’s colorful past and the oddities that still linger in our statutes.

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