Shift in Voter Preferences: Increasing Support for Trump Among Black Voters, While Biden Sees Decline

A recent poll found that 20% of Black American voters might vote for Trump, but Biden thinks he has it.

Is Biden Alienating Black Voters?

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Three years after an interview between Biden and Charlamagne tha God went viral for the former’s comments about Black voters, Biden seems to be losing traction with a demographic he feels confident is on his side.

Controversial Comment

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“I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black,” Biden said in 2020.

More Black Voters Support Trump Than 2020

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In a new poll, 20% of Black voters said that a Trump vote was not off the table for them, which has concerned Democrats. 

Voters Feel Left Behind by Biden

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John Thomas, a Black voter from Ohio, said he doesn’t support Trump, but also does not feel that Biden has earned his vote.

“What Has He Done for Black People?”

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“I’m not a Trump supporter – let’s make that clear. But I was concerned about President Biden. What has he done for Black people, who were a big reason for him winning?” Thomas said.

Black People Tend to Support Democrats 

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Historically, Black people have largely backed the Democratic candidate since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law by Lyndon B. Johnson. But there are concerns now about whether Biden is doing anything to support the Black community.

Black Voter Support for Biden Decreasing

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Only 12% of Black voters cast their ballot for Trump in 2020, compared with 87% for Biden. Now, Biden is losing more Black supporters as his overall approval rating dips to the lowest it has ever been. 

“Black Vote” Instrumental in Biden’s Success

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Biden has admitted that his 2020 victory was due in large part to support from Black Americans.

As uncertainty among Black voters rises ahead of the next election, Biden will need to earn trust from the community in order to secure their support.

How Much Do Polls Really Reveal?

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State Representative April Berg, a Black Democrat from Washington, suggested that she thinks the waning support is a call to action for Biden, but does not think it means Black people will vote for Trump. 

“Don’t Take Us for Granted”

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“I really think Black voters are saying, ‘Biden, pay attention. Don’t take us for granted. We came through for you in 2020,’” she said. “And in the end, I just don’t believe the polls mean an affirmative vote for Trump and his core values.”

“It’s Biden All Day”

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“If it’s Trump versus Biden, it’s Biden all day for Black voters,” Berg said.

Some Citizens Feel “Hopeless” About the Election

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Berg also thinks there may be a collective “sense of hopelessness” among Black people in the country. 

“We Might as Well Go With Something Else”

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“Sometimes folks make choices feeling like there’s no hope, there is no difference and no good choice. And maybe through the polls they are sending us a message: ‘We might as well go with something else,’” she said.

Polls Don’t Tell the Whole Story, Says Voter

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One Wisconsin voter, Dean Howard, thinks the polls should be taken with a grain of salt. 

“I’m Voting Against Trump No Matter What”

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“After 2016, we should not take polls as the end-all, be-all. I’m voting against Trump no matter what. But that doesn’t mean other Black people feel like I feel,” Howard said.

Can Biden Earn the Black Vote in 2024?

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Time will tell if Biden can garner enough support from Black voters to ensure a 2024 victory, and Representative Berg has some advice for Biden and other Democrats.

“We Have to Do Better”

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“I don’t think we should be out there screaming the same way the Republicans are. But we have to do better at messaging, at stating how we value everyone. A lot of folks don’t understand that our party really is about shared prosperity.”

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