Groundbreaking Achievement as Both Partners in LGBTQ+ Couple Carry Their Newborn Baby

It was a groundbreaking moment in reproductive history as a lesbian couple became Europe’s first and the world’s second to both carry their baby, welcoming little Derek Eloy into the world.

Arrival of Derek Eloy

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Weighing a healthy 7 lb 4 oz, Derek Eloy marks a historic arrival, challenging traditional norms of conception and childbirth.

Estefanía and Azahara’s Journey

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In March, Estefanía, 30, and Azahara, 27, initiated their extraordinary journey at a fertility clinic, embarking on a path that would redefine shared parenthood.

A Pioneering Treatment

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Derek’s birth owes its uniqueness to the innovative fertility treatment called INVOcell, providing a groundbreaking method for both same-sex partners to actively participate in the conception process.

The Intriguing Procedure

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A specialized capsule containing eggs and sperm was initially placed into Estefanía’s vagina, a key step in enabling the natural fertilization process over five days.

Examining and Selecting Embryos

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Following the removal of the device, embryos were meticulously examined and selected, ensuring the highest chances of a successful pregnancy.

Azahara’s Vital Role

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The selected embryos found a nurturing environment in Azahara’s uterus, where they underwent further development, ultimately leading to the birth of baby Derek.

A Nine-Month Journey

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Azahara carried Derek for the entire gestation period, experiencing the joys and challenges of pregnancy before the joyful culmination on October 30th in Palma, Majorca.

The INVOcell Advantage

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Derek’s birth highlighted the success of the INVOcell technology, revolutionizing assisted reproductive techniques and offering a unique shared experience for both partners.

Cost of Innovation

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The pioneering journey came with a price, as the couple invested over £4,400 (€5,000) in the INVOcell treatment, including necessary medications.

Medical Breakthrough

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A medical team member responsible for Derek’s birth revealed the significance of the process, “The novelty in this process is that both could carry the embryo and share it for as long as needed.”

Estefanía’s Perspective

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Estefanía shared her excitement with local media, expressing the joy of actively participating in the conception process, “It was a way for both of us to be able to carry him,” she began.

A New Excitement for LGBTQ Parents

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“The idea that I could participate in this way and carry him in my womb was much more exciting,” Estefania continued.

Emotional Fulfillment

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The idea that both Estefanía and Azahara could contribute to Derek’s gestation created an emotional bond, making the entire experience more fulfilling for the couple.

INVOcell’s European Debut

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Derek’s birth marks the first instance of a European baby conceived through the INVOcell technology, showcasing the treatment’s success.

A Significant Leap

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Derek’s birth follows in the footsteps of the only other recorded instance of INVOcell use, which occurred in 2018 when Texan couple Bliss and Ashleigh Coulter welcomed their son, Stetson.

A New Chapter

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As Europe celebrates the arrival of Derek Eloy, the world witnesses a transformative chapter in assisted reproduction, offering hope and inspiration to same-sex couples across the globe.

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