GOP Bill Proposes Legal Name and Birth Gender Pronoun Mandate for Federal Workers

A new bill introduced by Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Andy Ogles would require the use of the legal name and pronouns of all federal employees.

Republicans Introduce Bicameral Bill

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Ted Cruz of Texas and Andy Ogles of Tennessee have introduced a new bill called the Safeguarding Free Speech Act. 

Bill Prohibits Requirement to Use Preferred Pronouns

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The bill’s language requires legal names and pronouns that align with genders assigned at birth.

Transgender Employees Most Affected

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For transgender federal employees, this legislation would require them to be intentionally misgendered and “deadnamed.” A deadname is the name a transgender person was given at birth but no longer goes by.

New DHHS Policy Prompted Bill

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The bill mandates that no federal funds can be used to implement and enforce rules like the “Gender Identity Non-Discrimination and Inclusion Policy for Employees and Applicants,” which was introduced in October by the Department of Health and Human Services.

DHHS Policy Meant to Be Inclusive

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DHHS instituted the new policy in hopes of creating an inclusive workplace. The policy requires that DHHS employees use the names and pronouns that transgender coworkers prefer.

With New Bill, Federal Employees Can Sue If Asked to Use Preferred Pronouns

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According to the bill brought by Cruz and Ogles, federal employees could sue their employer if asked to use anything but a colleague’s legal name or pronouns.

Cruz and Ogles Have Anti-LGBTQ Histories

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Some are concerned that this bill would openly encourage transphobia in federal workplaces. Its sponsors have known histories of being anti-LGBTQ.

Cruz Backed Anti-Trans Sports Bill Among Others

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Ted Cruz has sponsored bills banning transgender students from playing sports and backed openly anti-gay candidates for public office.

He supported returning the issue of gay marriage over to the states, which would allow states to decide for themselves if same-sex marriage would be legal.

Ogles Argued Against Gender Options on Federal Forms

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Andy Ogles has also historically supported and introduced bills that discriminated against LGBTQ people, notably fighting against the inclusion of inclusive gender options on federal forms.

Cruz and Ogles Not Outliers in Congress

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Cruz and Ogles are not alone among their colleagues in Congress. Other Republican senators and representatives have also pushed for anti-LGBTQ bills this year.

Republicans “Cementing Anti-Transgender Policies”

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“One truth is becoming increasingly evident – as we venture into 2024, the Republican Party is unabashedly cementing anti-transgender policies into the bedrock of their platform,” said Erin Reed, a transgender activist.

Will Democrats Fight Back Against Anti-Trans Bills?

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“The question remains: will Democrats refuse to concede to anti-trans ultimatums in Republican hostage taking of the U.S. Government?” Erin continued.

Cruz Says Using Preferred Pronouns “Contradicts Biology”

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In a press release on Cruz’s website, the bill was referred to as “blocking the federal government from compelling pronoun use that contradicts biology.”

“An Unconstitutional Violation”

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“Forcing anyone to use pronouns that don’t accord with a person’s biological sex is an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment,” Cruz said.

Ogles Blames “Biden Regime” for Trans Inclusivity

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“Can you imagine getting reprimanded or fired from your job for not using an individuals’ preferred pronouns?’” asked Ogles.

“Unfortunately, that is exactly what the Biden regime has imposed in its latest guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services.”

Is Rafael “Ted” Cruz Being Hypocritical?

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Online users took to the Internet to call out Ted Cruz for mandating the use of legal names when he goes by a nickname himself.

“I Guess He Wants to be Called Rafael Now”

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“Senator Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz introduced a bill in the senate that would ban all federal government employees and federally funded entities from using anything but the legal name of an individual to try to go after trans people,” wrote one user. “I guess he wants to be called Rafael now.”

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