Gay Qatar Airways Flight Attendant Dismissed and Deported for Wearing Tinted Moisturizer

In a shocking turn of events on his 32nd birthday celebration, Gilbert Ignatius found himself in a distressing ordeal in the capital of Qatar, Doha, which led to his deportation from the country. Here’s the full story.

A Harrowing Experience

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Ignatius, a former Qatar Airways flight attendant who relocated from Indonesia in 2016, recounted his harrowing experience to iNews, revealing the actions taken against him for wearing tinted moisturizer.

Fired and Deported

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The incident not only resulted in his expulsion from Qatar but also cost him his job at the prestigious airline. 

The Incident

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Ignatius detailed the encounter, explaining how he and his friends were approached by security officers at a hotel bar, informing them that the Criminal Investigation Department wished to speak with them. 

Traces of Tinted Moisturizer

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Subsequently, they were taken to a security room, where officers forcefully wiped their faces without consent, revealing traces of tinted moisturizer.

Help from Home 

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Refusing to surrender their phones and ID cards, Ignatius requested assistance from the Indonesian embassy, only to face threats of imprisonment if he didn’t comply. 

Things Took a Turn

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The situation escalated as they were taken to a police station for interrogation, an experience Ignatius described as humiliating. 

The Degrading Accusations

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Officers posed intrusive and degrading questions, accusing them of engaging in prostitution, a charge punishable by up to ten years’ imprisonment in Qatar.

The Evidence 

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The officers cited trivial items like Ignatius’s attire—a Hermes bag and belt—and the tinted moisturizer as supposed “evidence” to support their allegations. 

Physically Assaulted

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The interrogation reached a shocking low when Ignatius was physically assaulted.

Despite being coerced into signing a document in Arabic, which they couldn’t understand, and having their pictures and fingerprints taken, Ignatius and his friend were eventually sent back home. 

Withheld His Passport

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However, the nightmare persisted even after they left. 

Qatar Airways, his employer, grounded him and withheld his passport.

Forcefully Deported

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Weeks later, they were taken to a border post near Saudi Arabia and forcefully deported from Qatar, all without due process or valid reasoning.

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