17 Areas Where ‘Pretty Privilege’ Thrives in Modern Society

In a world where your social media filter might seem as important as your college degree, it’s worth asking: does pretty privilege actually exist? This elusive advantage seems to favor the well-favored, subtly shaping successes from the boardroom to the bar.  Here’s a look at how being easy on the eyes could be opening doors that might remain shut for others. Are good looks just a superficial bonus, or do they actually pave the way for easier experiences?

1. Job Interviews

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Attractive people are often perceived as more competent and have been shown to have a higher chance of getting hired. It’s not just about the skills on your resume, but also the smile you bring to the interview.

2. Higher Salaries

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Studies suggest that good-looking people can earn up to 3-4% more than their less attractive peers. It seems that beauty doesn’t just turn heads — it turns profits too.

3. Networking Opportunities

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Being aesthetically pleasing can make you more approachable and likable, traits that naturally boost networking opportunities. People are more likely to remember and favor individuals who make a good first visual impression.

4. Better Customer Service

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Ever noticed that the most charming guest at the restaurant tends to get the best table or the occasional freebie? Attractiveness can influence customer service, making interactions smoother and more favorable.

5. Influence and Persuasion

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Attractive individuals are often more persuasive, according to social experiments. Their appeal can make their arguments seem more convincing—even if they’re no different from anyone else’s.

6. Dating Prospects

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Let’s face it: the dating arena can be particularly skewed in favor of the good-looking. Attractive individuals often have more choices and receive more attention on dating platforms.

7. Media Representation

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Beauty standards heavily influence who gets represented in media and who doesn’t. Attractive people are more likely to land leading roles in films and are more frequently featured in advertising, perpetuating a cycle of visibility.

8. Social Media Success

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In the realm of likes, follows, and shares, attractive people often find more success. Physical appeal can translate into broader social media influence, which can even be monetized.

9. Leniency in Judgment

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Attractive people are often judged more leniently when they make mistakes, receiving less severe punishments in contexts ranging from classroom settings to courtrooms.

10. Leadership Roles

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Looks can play a significant role in perceived leadership capability. Attractive individuals are more likely to be perceived as leaders and can ascend more easily in organizational hierarchies.

11. Confidence Boosts

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The positive reinforcement that attractive people receive from early on can significantly boost their self-esteem and confidence, attributes that are key to personal and professional success.

12. Public Speaking

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Attractive speakers are often rated as more interesting and their speeches more engaging, regardless of the content, which can be a distinct advantage in fields that require public communication.

13. Health Benefits

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Attractive individuals might receive more proactive health care advice and attention from healthcare providers, who unconsciously may pay more attention to their needs.

14. Academic Advantages

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In academic settings, attractive students are often perceived as more intelligent and hardworking by teachers, which can influence grades and assessments.

15. Mental Health

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While it’s complex, the social advantages of being attractive can potentially shield individuals from certain types of social rejection or bullying, contributing to better mental health outcomes.


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While it’s uncomfortable to acknowledge, the scales of daily interaction are often tipped in favor of those blessed with symmetry and appeal. So, next time you wonder if looks matter, remember that in many ways, they can shape destinies.

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