Commitment to Equality – Church’s Response to Racist Sermon Controversy

In late June, Fair Park Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, found itself amid controversy after a guest speaker delivered a sermon that included racist remarks. Here’s what happened.

The Father of a Criminal

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The speaker in question was Mike Keller, the father of Anna Duggar, who is married to reality TV star and sex offender Josh Duggar.

The Shocking Statements

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Keller’s sermon, which took place on June 25, contained shocking statements suggesting that “Black slaves” needed to “humble” themselves and learn to read the Bible to eventually achieve freedom.

The Backlash Forced an Apology

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The church was compelled to issue an apology after the sermon received significant backlash from the community and online platforms.

He Made False Claims

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During his sermon, Keller proclaimed that it was simple to change America and went on to make historically inaccurate claims about “Black slaves.”

In the Past People Didn’t Stand Against Racism?

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He insinuated that enslaved individuals in the past never protested or rallied against slavery and instead chose to humble themselves, pray, seek God’s face, and turn from their supposed wicked ways.

The White Taught Them to Read

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Keller further propagated the false narrative that white enslavers were benevolent figures who taught enslaved people to read.

He Kept on Blasting Racist Comments

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He suggested that the actions of enslaved Black people led to the abolition of slavery, completely disregarding the systemic racism and violence endured by enslaved individuals.

The Entire Sermon Was Recorded

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The sermon, captured on video and shared online, quickly drew criticism and condemnation from a wide range of individuals.

Viewers Condemned the Claims

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Public users pointed out the fallacies in Keller’s claims, with one user highlighting that running away from plantations was a form of protest.

They Shared Historical Examples

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Another person highlighted the numerous rebellions and the Civil War as examples of resistance against slavery.

The Public Shared Their Thoughts

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One online user wrote, “I just can’t w/these people!! The man whose daughter stays married 2a pedophile is giving a sermon from the book that condones slavery while insisting the God of that same Bible freed “the blacks” from slavery when they decided to read the Bible?”

The Church Faced Criticisms

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The fact that Keller, as Anna Duggar’s father, was given a platform to espouse such beliefs within the church raised further concerns about the congregation’s judgment and inclusivity.

The Church Issued a Statement

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Following the significant backlash, Fair Park Baptist Church released a statement to distance itself from Keller’s remarks.

Reaffirming What Is Considered Wrong

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The statement unequivocally affirmed that racism and slavery are wrong, sinful, and contrary to the teachings of scripture.

The Church Would Never Tolerate Racism

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The church emphasized that it would never condone slavery or tolerate any form of prejudice against people of color.

They Claimed They Aimed for Equality

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By issuing this statement, the church aimed to reaffirm its commitment to promoting equality, respect, and understanding among all its members.

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