22 Things Women Over 40 Couldn’t Care Less About

Let’s have a real talk, darling. You and I both know that once you hit that fabulous 40, there’s a whole lot of nonsense we simply can’t be bothered with anymore. Here’s my personal rundown of things that just don’t make the cut:

1. Trendy Fashion Fads

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Those fleeting fashion trends? Honey, please. I’ve built a wardrobe that screams ‘timeless’ and works for my body. I’m over trying to squeeze into whatever the magazines are pushing this season.

2. Having a Spotless Home

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A few dishes in the sink? A stack of magazines on the coffee table? So what. My home is lived in and loved in. Perfection is overrated, and a little mess never hurt anyone.

3. Pleasing Everyone

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At this point, I know not everyone will like me, and that’s perfectly fine. My circle is smaller, but it’s full of genuine love and support. Quality over quantity, always.

4. The Latest Tech Gadgets

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Sure, technology is great, but I’m not chasing every new gadget that hits the market. My old laptop works just fine, and honestly, I’d rather read a good book than stare at another screen.

5. Perfect Hair Every Day

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Gone are the days of panic over every hair out of place. I embrace my locks, whether they’re flawlessly styled or thrown up in a quick bun. It’s just hair, darling!

6. Social Media Likes

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Obsessing over likes and online validation? That’s a young game. I post what I love, when I feel like it, for those who matter.

7. Staying Up Late

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Those late-night party invites? Hard pass. I cherish my sleep, and a good night’s rest trumps a night out. I wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day.

8. High Heels

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Comfort over pain, any day. My feet have earned the right to be comfortable, and there are so many chic flats and sneakers that don’t leave me hobbling.

9. The Scale

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The numbers on the scale don’t dictate my worth or my day. I focus on how I feel, and staying healthy, rather than chasing a number.

10. Diet Fads

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Keto, Paleo, Vegan? I’ve seen them all come and go. I eat what makes my body feel good, no restrictions or trendy diets necessary.

11. Keeping Up With the Joneses

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My car, my house, my vacations—they’re mine, and they’re fabulous because they make me happy, not because they impress anyone else.

12. Having the Latest Everything

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From fashion to tech, needing the latest is a game I’ve retired from. What I have is enough, and it’s all chosen by me, for me.

13. Celebrity Gossip

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I’ve got enough real drama to keep up with, thank you very much. The comings and goings of celebs just don’t spark my interest like they used to.

14. Having an Immaculate Yard

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A few weeds here or a bush there that needs trimming? It can wait. My garden is for my pleasure, not a competition.

15. Being Politically Correct All the Time

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I speak my truth, respectfully and honestly. If I step on toes, it’s not out of malice, but authenticity. Let’s have real conversations.

16. Constantly Redecorating

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My home has evolved into a space that reflects my journey. It’s full of memories, not just magazine-worthy moments.

17. Apologizing for My Opinions

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I’ve earned my viewpoints with experience and age. I share them freely and won’t back down because they might ruffle feathers.

18. Being Trendy

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I define my own style, my own likes. If it’s ‘in’, fine. If not, that’s fine too. I trust my own taste.

19. Being Seen at ‘The’ Place

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I love my local spots, whether they’re hot or not. The food, the people, the ambiance—that’s what matters to me.

20. Saying Yes to Everything

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I’ve learned to say no without guilt. My time is precious, and I choose how to spend it wisely.

21. Impressing People at Gatherings

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I converse, I laugh, I enjoy, and I don’t worry about proving anything. Being myself has never felt so freeing.

22. Fitting Into Old Jeans

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My body has changed, and that’s a beautiful thing. I dress for the now, not the past.

Fabulous Forty

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So here’s to us, the fabulous 40-somethings who are living our best lives, unapologetically and with a zest that only comes with a bit of wisdom. Cheers, my dear, to all the things we gloriously don’t care about anymore!

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