Gay U.S. Ambassador Gives Scathing Speech, Calling Out Hungary PM Over LGBTQ+ Rights

David Pressman, the openly gay U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, has delivered a scathing speech against the Hungarian government and its anti-LGBTQ+ policies during Pride Month. 

A Machinery of Fear

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The US Ambassador to Hungary, David Pressman, condemned the Hungarian government for its anti-LGBTQ+ policies, calling them a “machinery of fear.” 

Taking Aim at the PM

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The majority of Pressman’s criticism was aimed at Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s administration, which has been accused of systematically undermining the rights and dignity of LGBTQ+ individuals in Hungary.

Historical Context

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In his critique, Pressman referenced the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that legalized same-sex marriage across the U.S. to emphasize the global progress of LGBTQ+ rights. However, he pointed out that such milestones are irrelevant to Hungary’s cultural context, where LGBTQ+ rights are not universally embraced​​.

Obergefell v. Hodges

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Pressman said, “In more recent history, June became significant for the LGBT community because the US Supreme Court handed down its decision in the famous Obergefell v. Hodges case in June 2015, making same-sex marriage legal by default in all 50 states in the US.”​

Speech at Budapest Pride

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During his speech at Budapest Pride, Pressman said LGBTQ+ activism in Hungary is not “cultural imperialism” but rather a grassroots movement driven by the Hungarian people themselves. 

Hungarian Activism

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“The story of Hungary, including its movement for equality, is one being written not by foreigners but by Hungarians. Not by them, but by you. Not by people abroad, but by the people in this room. It is not fictional. It is a true story that is rich, resonant, and real.”

Personal Impact

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Pressman also discussed his own experience of feeling silenced by Hungary’s Child Protection Law, which prohibits promoting alternative sexual lifestyles in schools.

Discussing His Experience

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Hungary’s Child Protection Law has prevented Pressman from openly discussing his experiences as an LGBTQ+ person, even in educational settings​.

Pride Picnic

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Recognizing Diversity

Hoping to bring together LGBTQ+ families and celebrate diversity, Pressman hosted a Pride picnic at his home and hoped the Hungarian government would see the event as an opportunity to recognize the country’s diverse population.

Quote on the Picnic

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Bringing LGBTQ+ Families Together

 Highlighting the importance of community support during these politically charged times, Pressman said, “We thought it was important to be able to bring together LGBT families for a celebration.”

Orbán’s Anti-LGBTQ+ Stance

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Unfortunately for Pressman, Viktor Orbán has positioned himself and his government as protectors of traditional family values and often treats the concept of LGBTQ+ rights as a foreign ideological threat.

Conservative Experiments

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Highlighting his commitment to conservative policies in his Administration, Orbán said, “Hungary is actually an incubator where experiments are done on the future of conservative policies.”

Actually Doing It

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Orbán said, “Hungary is the place where we didn’t just talk about defeating the progressives and liberals and causing a conservative Christian political turn, but we actually did it​.”

EU Tensions

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Despite Orbán’s commitment to such conservative policies, Hungary’s anti-LGBTQ+ laws have put it at odds with the European Union.

The Broader Conflict

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This conflict between Hungary and the EU underscores broader ideological battles within the EU about the future of liberal democracy and human rights​​.

Ambassador’s Diplomatic Mission

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Despite the political and ideological differences, Pressman has emphasized the importance of strengthening U.S.-Hungary relations.

Diplomatic Relations

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Pressman posted on X, “It was an honor to present my credentials to President Katalin Novák as Ambassador of the United States of America to Hungary. President Novák & I had a productive conversation about the need to strengthen the U.S.-Hungary relationship​.”

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