California Declares Transgender History Month, Spotlighting the Rich Tapestry of LGBTQ+ Historical Contributions

In a groundbreaking move, the California Assembly passed a historic resolution on September 6, recognizing August as Transgender History Month. Here’s the full story.

The New Resolution

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The resolution, authored by Assembly member Matt Haney, a Democrat representing San Francisco, marks a significant milestone as California becomes the first state in the nation to officially acknowledge and celebrate the history of the transgender community.

The Importance of Telling the Truth

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Haney expressed the importance of telling the truth about transgender lives and honoring the achievements of transgender Californians who have made a lasting impact on the state.

Anti-trans Agenda

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She said, “I believe that as Californians our strongest defense against the anti-trans agenda is just to tell the truth. Let’s tell the truth about transgender people’s lives, and let’s lift up the history of the transgender Californians who left their mark on our great state.”

The Aim

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The decision to designate August as Transgender History Month not only acknowledges the historical contributions of Trans people but also seeks to raise awareness about their lived experiences.

Learn About Transgender Californians

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Honey Mahogany, San Francisco’s Democratic Party Chair, said “Many Californians remain unaware of the real lives and experiences of transgender people, even here in California.”

Changing the Way

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“We can change that through awareness, education, and outreach, and I believe that establishing a Transgender History Month in California is one way we can do just that,” she added.

The Controversies

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This landmark decision comes at a time of heightened controversy over transgender rights in California.

The Lawsuit

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Attorney General Rob Bonta recently filed a lawsuit against the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education, seeking to halt the enforcement of its mandatory gender identity disclosure policy.

Protecting Minors

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Additionally, the passage of this resolution coincides with the emergence of Protect Kids California, an activist group pushing for three 2024 ballot initiatives related to transgender children in the state.

The Initiatives

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These initiatives include measures to prevent minors from receiving gender-affirming procedures or puberty blockers, requiring schools to disclose a child’s gender identity selection to parents, and banning biological males from competing in girls’ sports.

Online Users Shared Their Views

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Several online media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One user wrote, “I cannot believe with all that California should be addressing, this is what our lawmakers focused upon. VOTE THEM OUT!!!”

This Is Absolutely Disgraceful

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Another user added, “As a Californian born and raised this is absolutely disgraceful! Why aren’t we more worried about the nasty homeless camps, criminals getting high five, and people dying from drug overdoses, I could literally go on!”

What History?

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A third user commented, “What history? Transgenderism only started about 5 minutes ago!”

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