Biden’s Dilemma: Will Dropping Kamala Harris Risk Losing Biden the BAME Vote?

Daytime talk show host Sunny Hostin warned President Joe Biden that he would “Lose the Black vote” if he replaces Vice President Kamala Harris in 2024. Here’s the whole story. 

Women With Opinions

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“The View” is a daytime talk show hosted by a panel of women of all ages and races who give their opinions on the day’s trending news during the opening segment, “Hot Topics.”

Biden “Needs” Harris

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During a recent show, one of the hosts, Sunny Hostin, expressed her opinion about columnists urging Biden to drop Kamala Harris and pick a new running mate. Hostin says Biden “needs” Harris to win re-election. 

Biden Needs the Black Vote

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According to Hostin, “Over the past five elections, when you’ve had a Democrat win, they needed the Black vote.” Biden was no exception; 91% of African Americans voted for him.

Hostin says they will “continue to vote for Biden if Kamala is his running mate.”

Be Careful, Biden

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Whoopi Goldberg, another host, was shocked when she heard Hostin say, “I would be very careful, President Biden, about getting rid of Kamala Harris because we will not support you.”

Wait, Hold Up

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Goldberg replied with, “Wait, hold up.” She asked Hostin when was the last time she had seen a president get rid of a vice president. 

Headed Debate

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The women argued over each other for a moment before Hostin made her point again. She said if Biden “inserts someone else, he will lose the Black vote.”

The debate was heated as the women discussed Biden potentially “inserting someone else” into Kamala’s position.

“We Are Not Interchangeable”

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Host Farrah Griffin asked Hostin, “Even if it’s another black woman?” Hostin fired back quickly, saying, “We are not interchangeable.”

Don’t Underestimate the Black Community Voters

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The women continued arguing, and one of the other hosts, Joy Behar, told Hostin, “You might be underestimating the Black community voters.” But Hostin disagreed.

Kamala Isn’t Going Anywhere

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Goldberg returned to the conversation to remind the ladies that Kamala “is not going anywhere.” Biden hasn’t indicated that he plans to get rid of his Vice President, but she has recently received much scrutiny. 

Giving Biden an Ultimatum

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Comments on X called for Sunny Hostin to “tell us what VP Harris has done that warrants her continued service as VP.” Another person said Hostin was “way out of line” for “thinking she could give Biden an ultimatum.”

Sunny Does Not Speak for Black People

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Others were upset that Hostin was speaking for Black people. One lady said, “I am a Black woman, and Sunny does not speak for me.” She also asked in her comment, “Who put [Hostin] in charge of speaking for Black people?”

Biden Will Run In 2024

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Biden announced that he will run for re-election in 2024. While there has been no indication of him dropping Harris as his running mate, some columnists say he may be “more electable” without her.

What Does Pelosi Think?

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Nancy Pelosi was asked in an interview with Anderson Cooper whether she thought Vice President Harris was the best running mate for Biden. She answered, “He thinks so, and that’s what matters.”

Politically Astute

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Cooper then asked Pelosi if she agreed, but Pelosi ignored the question and said Kamala was “very politically astute” and people don’t “give her enough credit.”

Pelosi said, “I think she’s represented our country very well at home and abroad.”

Biden Should Step Aside

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One person posted their opinion to the comments section of a post on X, saying, “Biden would do well to step aside himself…He won in 2020 largely due to Trump being so unpopular.”

This person feels “Biden is every bit as unpopular as Trump now.”

Biden and Trump “Past Their Time”

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Another commenter said, “Biden should replace Kamala, but better yet, both Biden and Trump should not run. Both are past their time.”

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