Baffled: 20 Things That Totally Perplex Baby Boomers

Navigating the generational divide can be as entertaining as it is bewildering, especially when it comes to leaving our beloved Boomers scratching their heads in bemusement. Here’s a look at 20 surefire ways to perplex a Boomer.

1. Mention Cancel Culture

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Explain how someone can be ‘canceled’ and watch the puzzlement as they try to figure out if it involves a subscription service.

2. Talk About Cryptocurrency

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Describe using real money to buy digital currency that isn’t actually real and doesn’t physically exist anywhere. It’s like buying unicorn dreams.

3. Show Off Your Meal Kit Subscription

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Why go to the store when you can have someone send you a box of food to chop up yourself? It’s like cooking, but more expensive and with more packaging.

4. Discuss Being a Social Media Manager

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Explain that you can make a living by posting things on Facebook. Remember, it’s a ‘real job’ now.

5. Explain Memes

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Show them the latest meme and explain why a picture of a cat with a Pop-Tart body flying through space is peak comedy.

6. Mention You Work Remotely

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Describe how you work from a laptop in various coffee shops and occasionally from a beach in Bali. Offices are so last century.

7. Describe Modern Art Installations

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Talk about that empty room in a gallery that sold for millions because it’s about the ‘concept’ of space and absence.

8. Use Slang Like “Lit” and “Fam”

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Sprinkle your conversation liberally with slang that changes every few months. It’s totally lit, fam.

9. Explain That You Pay for YouTube

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Why watch for free when you can pay to not watch ads? Plus, you get exclusive content like documentaries about YouTubers!

10. Talk About Your Vegan Diet

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Explain how you’re now a vegan and how you can make bacon from coconuts and burgers from peas. It’s like regular food but made from the garden.

11. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

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Try explaining why someone would pay six figures for a digital clipart of a rock. It’s art, but on the blockchain.

12. Mental Health Days

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Discuss taking days off work for mental health. Back in their day, you only called in sick if you had lost a limb.

13. Show Them How to Use Snapchat

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Explain the filters, like how you can turn your face into a potato or swap faces with your cat.

14. The Gig Economy

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Talk about how your job involves a series of freelance projects and no permanent employer. It’s like having multiple bosses who never give you benefits.

15. Streaming Services

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List all the streaming services you subscribe to instead of using cable. Why have one bill when you can have seven?

16. Influencers

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Explain how people can be famous for just… well, being famous. And how they influence people by telling them which sneakers are cool.

17. Virtual Reality Workouts

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Why go to a physical gym when you can jog on a virtual beach and box a digital opponent from your living room?

18. Pet Insurance

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It’s like health insurance but for your goldfish and poodle. Because pets are people too, right?

19. Avocado Toast as a Financial Setback

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Casually mention how spending $15 on avocado toast could be why you can’t afford a house. It’s obviously not the economy.

20. Adulting Classes

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Yes, there are classes now to teach you how to be an adult—because figuring it out the hard way is just too passé.

Boom Boom

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Whether it’s the technology, the lingo, or the lifestyle, there’s plenty to leave a Boomer bemused. But remember, it’s all in good fun—after all, every generation has its quirks!

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