Wage Wars: Is the Gender Pay Gap a Lie?

The debate about the wage gap is a complex one, filled with differing opinions on whether it represents an ongoing injustice or a misunderstanding of workplace dynamics. Here’s a deeper look into the factors influencing the wage gap and the arguments from both sides. 1. The Basic Wage Gap Statistic It’s often reported that women … Read more

Behind the Mask: Life Lessons I Learned From Life in Drag

Living life in drag has not only transformed my wardrobe but also my perspective. Ever wondered what it’s like to walk a mile in these glittering heels? 1. Confidence Is King Strutting onto a stage with all eyes on you can be terrifying, but drag taught me the art of unshakeable confidence. Every performance is … Read more

20 Unmissable LGBTQ Documentaries That Will Blow Your Mind

The following documentaries provide a rich and varied perspective on the lives, struggles, and triumphs of the LGBTQ+ community in America. Each film offers a unique insight into the historical and contemporary issues faced by LGBTQ+ individuals. 1. “Paris is Burning” (1990) This groundbreaking documentary offers a vibrant snapshot of the 1980s Harlem drag ball … Read more