Australian Woman Mistakenly Called Mexican, Faces Racial Misunderstandings in the US

An Australian comedian is taking a stand against racists in America and Australia, responding to insensitive comments on TikTok. She claims to identify as “black” rather than Mexican as some people allegedly think.

Ignorant Backlash

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Emily, an Aboriginal comedian, hit back at racist comments with determination.

Let’s Get Things Straight

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Emily directly addressed “Americans and racist Aussies” who have misconstrued her identity.

Her True Identity

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“I’m not Mexican – we identify as Black. ‘Blackfellas,’” She insisted.

Back to Her Roots

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The comedian clarified her Aboriginal heritage.

Hitting Back at “American Racists”

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Users showed their understanding by replying, “Some Americans literally think America is the world.”

Identity Confusion

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Emily confronted the comments, “Just because your skin is brown doesn’t make you black. Being Mexican and black are two different things.”

Spilling the Tea

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Her argument for identifying as black is, “no matter how much milk you add to the tea it’s still gonna be tea.”

Empowering Response

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Her video has amassed nearly 300,000 views, and she’s received tons of support.

Tearful Admission

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“I’m also Black but I’m too scared to talk about it since I’m pale […] and don’t want Americans to attack me.”

Shared Experiences

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Some users share her pain of mistaken identity, “I love that you said “no matter how much milk you add to your tea, it’s still tea”. I’m white as white but proud of my aboriginal heritage.”

Unheard Voices United

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Users express gratitude for Emily’s courage in addressing the issue head-on.

“Yes!! ‘Black’ people have brown skin in all shades.”

Critics and Skepticism

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One person missed the point, saying, “You’re clearly not black,” referring to her brown appearance.

Americans Won’t Get It

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One humorous commenter said, “Americans aren’t gonna understand milk being in tea.”

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