20 Ways We Are Letting Down Our Military Veterans in America

The valor of military service extends beyond the confines of combat. Supporting the U.S. military and its veterans extends beyond Memorial Day (last Monday in May). It involves a commitment to recognizing and honoring their service every day. How can we actively show our appreciation and provide meaningful support to our servicemen and women?

1. Volunteer at VA Hospitals

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Lend a hand at local Veterans Affairs hospitals where help is always needed. From reading to veterans to simply listening to their stories, your time can make a significant impact.

2. Support Veteran Businesses

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Make a conscious effort to support businesses owned by veterans. This not only helps sustain their livelihoods but also promotes the entrepreneurial spirit among the veteran community.

3. Educational Scholarships for Veterans

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Donate to or create scholarship funds dedicated to veterans and their families. Education is a powerful tool for empowerment and transition to civilian life.

4. Participate in Memorial Rides

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Join organized motorcycle rides that raise funds for veterans’ causes. It’s a way to show solidarity and support while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow supporters.

5. Adopt a Military Unit

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Programs allow you to provide moral and material support to a unit. Sending care packages and letters can boost the morale of service members deployed overseas.

6. Employ Veterans

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Encourage local businesses to hire veterans. Their skills, reliability, and discipline translate well into civilian roles, enriching any workforce.

7. Attend Veteran Ceremonies

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Show your respect and appreciation by attending military ceremonies on bases or in your community, such as promotions or retirements.

8. Fly the Flag

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Properly display the American flag at your home or office, a simple yet profound gesture of national pride and support.

9. Veteran Mentorship Programs

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Participate in or start a mentorship program that helps veterans transition to civilian careers. Sharing your expertise can pave the way for a veteran’s new career.

10. Legal Assistance

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Support legal clinics that offer free or discounted services to veterans, helping them navigate the complexities of benefits, employment, and other legal matters.

11. Run for a Cause

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Participate in 5K runs or marathons that benefit veterans’ causes. It’s a healthy way to raise awareness and funds.

12. Visit War Memorials

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Pay your respects at local and national war memorials. Reflect on the sacrifices made and educate the younger generation about the cost of freedom.

13. Donate Airline Miles

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Many organizations accept donated airline miles to help veterans travel to medical treatments or visit loved ones during times of need.

14. Host a Vet for Holidays

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If you’re able, invite a veteran who may be away from family to spend a holiday at your home. It’s a warm gesture that can make a big difference.

15. Write Thank-You Notes

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A simple thank-you note can mean the world to a veteran. It’s a personal touch that acknowledges their sacrifice.

16. Public Speaking

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Invite veterans to speak at schools or community events. Their stories of service and sacrifice can inspire and educate others.

17. Support PTSD Initiatives

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Donate to organizations focused on PTSD research and treatment. Helping to address mental health issues among veterans is crucial.

18. Offer Discounts

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If you own a business, consider offering a discount to veterans. This small thank you can go a long way in showing appreciation.

19. Advocate for Veteran Services

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Be an advocate for veterans by staying informed and vocal about policies that affect their lives. Use your voice to ensure they receive the benefits and respect they deserve.

20. Preserve Military History

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Support organizations that preserve military history, such as museums and archives. Keeping history alive is key to honoring those who served.

Salute and Support

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In myriad ways, we can extend our gratitude to those who’ve donned the uniform and pledged to protect our freedoms. Let these gestures of appreciation inspire continuous recognition and support, ensuring that every day is an opportunity to honor our military members. How will you show your gratitude today?

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