A Catholic Women School Announced It Will Start Accepting Trans Students to Foster “A Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Campus Experience”

Saint Mary’s College recently announced its decision to consider transgender women for admission starting in 2024 to foster inclusivity. Here’s the full story.

The Decision

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This groundbreaking decision, confirmed via an email to students by college president Katie Conboy, has stirred both support and controversy.

Not the First Catholic Women’s College

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The announcement was met with strong opposition from anti-trans activists, but College President Conboy reiterated in the school-wide email, seen by The Observer, that Saint Mary’s is not the first Catholic women’s college to adopt such a policy, aiming to consider individuals “whose sex is female or who consistently live and identify as women.”

A Reflection of the Past

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She shared that this transformative policy change stems from the school’s commitment to creating an environment where all women can flourish.

The Mission

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President Conboy said, “Essential to this mission is fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus experience. This mission is inherently tied to the vision and values of our founders and sponsors, the Sisters of the Holy Cross.”

The Commitment

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“This confidence from our Board underscores their commitment that as an employer, Saint Mary’s must stand firm in its position as an inclusive community leader and that as educators, we should continue to create an environment where all women belong and thrive,” she added.

The Pope Was a Big Influence

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Pope Francis’s recent declarations regarding the acceptance of Trans individuals and the blessing of same-sex unions have significantly influenced the college’s approach to inclusivity. 

Inspiration From Pope’s Decision

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President Conboy said that she drew inspiration for this decision from Pope Francis’s advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights, quoting his stance on love and acceptance towards those different from ourselves.

The Controversy

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However, the college’s decision has sparked debates on various social media platforms.

While many lauded Saint Mary’s for its inclusive approach, others, including some alumni, expressed their discontent and concerns about the new policy.

The Response

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Acknowledging the diversity of opinions, a spokesperson for Saint Mary’s College shared the understanding that not everyone would agree with the updated policy. 

Spectrum of Perspectives

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They acknowledged receiving feedback from current students, parents, and alumni, showing a spectrum of perspectives ranging from opposition to strong support for the college’s more inclusive stance.

Women Are Losing Their Rights

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But one critic said, “Bit by bit, piece by piece, women are losing their rights and it’s going to keep going and some won’t realize it before it’s too late.”

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