20 Initiatives Supporting Women of Color in Business and Leadership

In recent years, a variety of initiatives have emerged to support women of color in business and leadership roles. Here are 20 specific initiatives that help women of color overcome barriers and achieve success.

1. The Black Women’s Business Collective (BWBC)

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Located in New York City, BWBC offers resources, networking opportunities, and mentorship for Black women entrepreneurs. Their recent “Empowerment Series” provides workshops on scaling businesses and accessing capital.

2. Walker’s Legacy

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Founded in Washington, D.C., Walker’s Legacy is a global platform for women of color in business. It provides resources such as the “WL Power50” program, recognizing top businesswomen and offering them leadership training.

3. Black Girl Ventures (BGV)

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BGV, based in Washington, D.C., focuses on funding and scaling tech-enabled businesses founded by Black and Brown women. Their “Pitch Competition” tours have distributed over $1 million in grants since 2016.

4. The Female Founders Alliance (FFA)

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Headquartered in Seattle, FFA supports women entrepreneurs, including women of color, through programs like “Ready Set Raise,” an accelerator designed to help founders raise capital.

5. New Voices Fund

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Created by Richelieu Dennis, founder of SheaMoisture, this $100 million fund supports women of color entrepreneurs. Based in New York City, it provides investment capital and resources for scaling businesses.

6. Project Diane

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A research initiative by DigitalUndivided, Project Diane provides data on the state of Black women founders. Located in Atlanta, the project highlights funding disparities and champions policy changes to support Black women entrepreneurs.

7. Black Women Talk Tech

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An annual conference and community, Black Women Talk Tech supports Black women in the tech industry. The conference, held in New York City, offers networking, funding opportunities, and showcases successful women tech entrepreneurs.

8. The Tory Burch Foundation

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Founded in New York City, the Tory Burch Foundation empowers women entrepreneurs through access to capital, education, and digital resources. Their “Embrace Ambition” initiative specifically supports women of color in business.

9. The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Women of Color Initiative

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NAWBO’s initiative provides resources and advocacy for women of color business owners. With chapters across the U.S., including Los Angeles and Chicago, it offers mentorship and networking events.

10. The SoGal Foundation

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Based in Los Angeles, SoGal Foundation is a global platform providing education, community, and investment opportunities for diverse entrepreneurs. Their “SoGal Ventures” fund focuses on investing in women and minority-led startups.

11. DigitalUndivided’s BIG Incubator

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Located in Atlanta, the BIG Incubator program is a 12-week accelerator designed for high-growth startups led by Black and Latina women. It offers mentorship, resources, and access to investors.

12. Latinas in Tech

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With chapters in Silicon Valley, New York City, and other major tech hubs, Latinas in Tech provides community and professional development for Latina women in tech. Their annual summit features workshops and networking opportunities.

13. The Fearless Fund

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Founded by Arian Simone and Ayana Parsons, the Fearless Fund invests in women of color-led businesses. Based in Atlanta, it offers funding, mentorship, and educational programs to support entrepreneurial growth.

14. The Ms. Foundation for Women

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Based in New York City, the Ms. Foundation supports women and girls through grantmaking and advocacy. Their “Women of Color Initiative” funds programs that enhance economic security and leadership opportunities for women of color.

15. Women Who Tech

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This global organization hosts an annual Women Startup Challenge, which supports women-led startups, including women of color. The challenge, held in New York City, provides funding and visibility for innovative tech solutions.

16. The Well

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Located in Washington, D.C., The Well is a coworking and event space dedicated to supporting women of color entrepreneurs. It offers resources, networking events, and professional development workshops.

17. The Sistahbiz Global Network

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Based in Denver, Sistahbiz provides coaching, training, and funding for Black women entrepreneurs. Their “Sistahbiz Loan Fund” offers microloans to help women of color scale their businesses.

18. The Female Founder Collective (FFC)

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Founded by designer Rebecca Minkoff, FFC supports women entrepreneurs through a network that includes women of color. Based in New York City, it provides mentorship, funding resources, and educational events.

19. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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With chapters in cities like Miami, Los Angeles, and Houston, the Hispanic Chamber supports Latina entrepreneurs through business development programs, networking events, and access to capital.

20. The Women of Color in Tech Chat (#WOCinTech)

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This online community and advocacy group supports women of color in the tech industry. With virtual events and resources, it provides a platform for networking, mentorship, and sharing opportunities.

Promoting Progress

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These initiatives are crucial in leveling the playing field and providing women of color with the tools, resources, and networks they need to succeed in business and leadership roles.

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