15 Wild Texan Traditions That Bewilder The West (And The World!)

Texas: a state so large it has its own traditions, some of which might have the rest of the world (and even some fellow Americans) scratching their heads. Here’s a light-hearted look at 15 weird traditions that make Texas uniquely…well, Texas.

1. High School Football Rivalries

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In Texas, Friday nights are sacred, and high school football is the religion. Towns come to a standstill as folks gather to cheer, proving that football isn’t just a game—it’s a way of life.

2. Homecoming Mums

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These aren’t just flowers; they’re full-blown floral ecosystems. Wearing one is a Texas rite of passage, complete with ribbons, bells, and sometimes even lights.

3. Goat Cook-Offs

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Because why limit barbecue competitions to brisket and ribs? In Texas, goat is on the menu, celebrated in cook-offs that draw crowds and chefs alike.

4. The “Texas Dip”

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At debutante balls, the dip is less a simple curtsy and more an acrobatic feat, requiring grace, balance, and probably a few practice sessions in full dress.

5. Cow Patty Bingo

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A unique lottery where the winning numbers are chosen by where a cow decides to do its business. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and yes, it’s a crowd-pleaser.

6. Big Hair, Don’t Care

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In Texas, the volume of your hair might just rival the state’s square mileage. It’s all about height, hairspray, and the wind resistance your coiffure can endure.

7. Friday Night Lights Pilgrimage

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The TV show captured hearts nationwide, but it’s a cultural landmark in Texas. Fans trek across the state to see where their favorite Dillon Panthers moments happened.

8. Texas Independence Day

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On March 2nd, Texans everywhere take a moment to remember the Alamo and the fact that, once upon a time, they were their own country—and they’ll never let you forget it.

9. King Ranch Chicken Casserole Night

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This creamy, cheesy, chickeny concoction is a staple that’s as Texan as bluebonnets and cowboy boots, enjoyed by families and potluck goers statewide.

10. Whataburger Worship

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More than just a fast-food chain, Whataburger holds a special place in the heart of every Texan, serving up burgers that are a source of state pride.

11. Tailgate Parties as a Second Job

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Tailgating before a football game in Texas is an event in its own right, with elaborate setups that might include satellite TVs, grills, and generations of family recipes.

12. Rattlesnake Roundups

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Only in Texas would rounding up venomous snakes become a festival activity, complete with food stands, live music, and snake-handling demonstrations.

13. The Art of Floating the River

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Summers in Texas are for grabbing an inner tube, a cooler of drinks, and floating down one of the state’s many rivers, a pastime that perfectly combines relaxation and partying.

14. Square Dancing in Gym Class

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Many a Texan kid has do-si-doed their way through physical education. Square dancing isn’t just a dance; it’s a state-mandated workout that’s both bewildering and unforgettable.

15. Armadillo Racing

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Forget horse or dog racing; in Texas, the armadillo is the star of the track. It’s unpredictable, uniquely Texan, and always good for a laugh.

Lone Star Quirks

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These traditions may have the rest of the world scratching their heads, but in Texas, they’re just part of the state’s unique charm and personality. Texans embrace their culture with pride and a sense of humor, always ready to share the fun and fellowship that make the Lone Star State stand out.

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