Who Needs Purses? Pocket Power Revolutionizes Women’s Fashion

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, it’s the small things that often spark the biggest revolutions. 

Centuries of Unfairness

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While centuries have passed since men first began stashing items in their clothing, women are still burdened with the necessity of handbags. 

Time Is Up

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But a movement is quietly sweeping across the fashion landscape, demanding a change that could make life easier for women everywhere – the inclusion of proper pockets in women’s attire.

Details Matter

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Small details can have a profound impact, and the once-overlooked pocket has become a focal point in the world of fashion. 

From Catwalk To Mainstream

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The campaign advocating for functional pockets in women’s clothing is no longer confined to the fringes but has found resonance in both high fashion circles and mainstream retail chains.

New Book Wows Readers

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American academic Hannah Carlson is at the forefront of this movement. Her groundbreaking work, “Pockets: An Intimate History of How We Keep Things Close,” has ignited a conversation that transcends the mundane concept of simple pockets. 

Spotlighting The Issue

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In a world where “micro-histories” are often met with parody, Carlson’s exploration of the humble pocket has captured imaginations and brought much-needed attention to the cause.

Times Are Changing

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Carlson provocatively suggests that we are on the cusp of the true “age of the pocket.” 

Belongings Shrink, Purses Grow

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As our daily necessities shrink in size, with cash becoming increasingly obsolete and digital devices like phones taking precedence, the need for spacious pockets has never been more evident. 

Time to Say Goodbye

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Perhaps it’s time to bid farewell to the burden of handbags.

Fashion Week Agrees

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London Fashion Week and Vogue World have offered a glimpse into the future, with designers embracing bold pockets on both male and female models. 

Going Back in Time

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From bulky jackets to stylish trouser suits, pockets have taken center stage. On the streets, cargo pants with low-slung pockets are experiencing a resurgence, tapping into the nostalgia of the 2000s.

Pockets – They’re Political

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Delving into the past, we uncover the ancient and modern politics of pockets. From medieval Europe, where purses adorned belts, to the beginning of sewn pockets in men’s trousers 500 years ago, gendered differences in clothing design have persisted.

New Designs on the Horizon

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While some may argue pockets disrupt the line of a dress, Carlson challenges this notion. She advocates for the inclusion of more inside breast pockets in jackets and laments the absence of pockets in girls’ dresses. 

Join the Fight

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The battle for functional pockets in women’s clothing is far from over.

Men’s Pockets Are Still Larger Than Life

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The pocket debate is rooted in reality. Surveys have shown that women’s pockets are shallower and narrower than men’s, with only a fraction accommodating smartphones or wallets. 

Women Speak Up

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The YouGov study, “What Women Pant: Pockets They Can Use,” revealed that many women are yearning for more pockets in their jackets and trousers. 

Instagram’s Newest Trend

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This is evident with the popular new instagram account called “Girls Carrying S***” (GCS) that shows pictures of women carrying their things all over the world. 

Pocket Vigilante

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Inspirational figures like Mandy Fletcher, founder of “Pockets For Women,” have taken the cause into their own hands. Fletcher’s platform identifies brands that prioritize pockets in their designs. 

No Fake Pockets

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Real pockets, not mere imitations, are what campaigners demand, emphasizing functionality as pockets that can hold essentials like smartphones.

Designers Listen

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As the fashion industry listens to the demands of this growing campaign, change is on the horizon. 

Equality Matters

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With an increasing focus on functionality and gender equality in clothing design, designers are paying more attention to the inclusion of pockets.

The Fight Has Just Begun

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The battle for pockets in women’s clothing is a quiet revolution that holds immense significance. It’s about more than just fashion; it’s about making life easier for women. 

We Have the Power to Make a Change

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As pockets become an integral part of women’s attire, they symbolize the power of small changes to reshape our world. 

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