21 Ways American Tourists Annoy the Rest of the World

Ready for some tough love? As an American tourist, you might be doing things that annoy locals without even realizing it. You might be surprised by how many of these travel faux pas you’re guilty of.

1. Talking Too Loudly

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American tourists are often accused of speaking at volumes better suited for sporting events than quiet cafes. Have you ever been told to keep it down in a foreign restaurant?

2. Expecting Everyone to Speak English

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Assuming everyone should understand English can come off as arrogant. Have you tried learning even a few basic phrases in the local language before your trips?

3. Flashing Money Around

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Tipping excessively or flaunting cash can be seen as showing off. Do you tend to tip like you’re still in the U.S.?

4. Wearing Athletic Gear Everywhere

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Decked out in sneakers, sweatpants, and baseball caps, American tourists sometimes look like they just left the gym. Have you ever felt out of place in your comfy travel attire?

5. Overpacking

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Dragging oversized suitcases through cobblestone streets isn’t a good look. Do you really need to pack your entire wardrobe for a week-long trip?

6. Being Impatient

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Expecting fast service and immediate attention can clash with more relaxed local customs. Do you get frustrated when things aren’t as quick as back home?

7. Ignoring Local Customs

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Failing to observe local customs and etiquette can be incredibly disrespectful. Have you researched what’s considered polite before traveling?

8. Taking Photos of Everything

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Endlessly snapping selfies and photos without asking can be intrusive. Have you ever been told off for photographing someone without permission?

9. Complaining About Differences

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Constantly comparing things to how they are “back home” can be really annoying. Do you find yourself whining about the lack of ice in drinks or air conditioning?

10. Overusing Credit Cards

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Insisting on using credit cards where cash is preferred or necessary can be inconvenient. Do you always expect to swipe your card instead of carrying local currency?

11. Expecting Free Refills

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Not every country offers free refills on drinks, and expecting them can come across as entitled. Do you often forget that not everyone has bottomless coffee?

12. Dressing Inappropriately

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Wearing shorts and tank tops to churches or formal settings can be seen as disrespectful. Have you ever been turned away for inappropriate attire?

13. Acting Like the World Revolves Around You

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Assuming everyone should cater to your needs and schedules can be irritating. Do you often expect service to adjust just for you?

14. Haggling Too Aggressively

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While haggling is common in many cultures, doing it aggressively can be offensive. Have you ever bargained so hard you were asked to leave?

15. Being Overly Friendly

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What might be seen as friendly in the U.S. can come off as intrusive elsewhere. Do you engage in overly familiar behavior that’s not welcomed?

16. Leaving a Mess

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Leaving trash or a mess behind shows a lack of respect for the place and people. Have you ever been called out for not cleaning up after yourself?

17. Getting Drunk

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Overindulging and getting loud or unruly can reinforce negative stereotypes. Do you keep your drinking in check when abroad?

18. Expecting American Food Standards

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Insisting on ketchup, asking for substitutions, or expecting massive portions can be seen as rude. Do you often find yourself longing for American food standards?

19. Not Respecting Personal Space

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Standing too close or being overly touchy can make others uncomfortable. Have you ever been told to back off or give space?

20. Over-Tipping

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While meant as a generous gesture, over-tipping can disrupt local customs and economies. Have you checked the tipping norms of your destination?

21. Missing the Point of Traveling

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Traveling with the mindset that other cultures should cater to American standards misses the whole point. Are you open to experiencing and appreciating differences?

Are You That Tourist?

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Realizing these behaviors can help you become a more considerate traveler. Next time you’re abroad, how many of these will you avoid?

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