Outrage Over Teacher’s Anti-LGBTQ Comments to Student

A young man took to Reddit for opinions after his gay younger sister had a run-in with a homophobic coach at school. The brother has to sort it all out because he also has custody of the girl. Here is the full story.

He Has to Raise Them

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OP is a 27-year-old man with two sisters, ages 18 and 17. Their widowed mother passed away 7 years ago, leaving OP to raise his siblings.

He Has Some Help

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For the most part, the little family has done OK. They have a supportive extended family who helps out OP when he needs it.

It’s a Mellow Place

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And OP says their community is moderate in their views, which helps in some other ways.

She Hasn’t Had Any Problems

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In particular, OP’s younger sister came out as a lesbian when she was 16. The family has been supportive as usual, and she hasn’t run into any problems with kids at school, either.

They Get Along Fine

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These days, the sister is dating another girl in her school. OP knows the girl and her parents, and everyone is nice and gets along fine.

She Confronted the Girl

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Recently, though, a gym teacher noticed OP’s sister and this other girl acting like a couple in school.

So the teacher confronted the sister in front of some other students.

She Knew the Story

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The older woman asked OP’s sister if she was the one who was being raised by her brother.

She Felt Sorry for Them

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OP’s sister said that, yes, her brother had custody of her and her other sister.

The coach sort of shook her head and gave the girl a sympathetic smile.

Her Dead Mother Was the Problem

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The teacher went on to explain to OP’s sister that it wasn’t really her fault that she was gay and she shouldn’t feel bad about it.

The problem, she said, was that she didn’t have a mother to give her proper guidance.

She Needed a Real Family

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She kept going, telling the girl that the system failed her by placing her in the care of a “hot head” young man like OP.

She should have gone to a “real” family instead.

She Fought Back

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OP’s sister let all that sink in for a second, then fired back.

She Needed to Look in the Mirror

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OP’s sister told the teacher that she should take a look in the mirror before making judgements about anyone’s parenting skills. 

Her Daughter Was a Trainwreck

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OP’s sister finished up by saying that everyone knew the teacher’s daughter was a junkie who exchanged sexual favors for drugs.

She Booted Her

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Not surprisingly, none of that sat well with the teacher, and she kicked OP’s sister out of her class.

They All Knew

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After his sister told him what had happened that night, OP confirmed the story with a few other parents.

Their kids had told them all about it.

He Was Too Slow

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OP planned to call the school the next day, but they beat him to it.

They Blamed Her

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First thing in the morning, the school called OP and told him to come in to discuss his sister’s behavior in person.

They seemed intent on making it all the girl’s fault.

He’s Beyond Angry

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But OP is furious that some homophobic teacher would attack his young sister in front of other students.

And the school trying to blame the girl just makes him even angrier.

He Has to Defend Her

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So now OP is heading into the school unsure about how to handle the situation.

He knows he’s going to have to defend what his sister did to some extent.

He Wants Blood

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But OP also really wants to get his point across that the teacher was way out of line. He thinks she should face some consequences for her attack.

He Got Loads of Advice

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Redditors had all sorts of suggestions for OP.

Some of them recommended sitting down with his sister and making sure he had all his facts straight before he went to the school. Others suggested that OP pull in some of the family members who had helped him in the past.

Still others thought he should lawyer up right away and maybe even start getting the story out on social media so that the teacher doesn’t have anywhere to hide from her actions.

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