20 States With the Highest LGBTQ+ Population Percentage

Across the United States, the LGBTQ+ community flourishes in diverse environments, from bustling coastal cities to quieter inland states. Here, we explore the 20 states with the highest percentages of LGBTQ+ residents, shedding light on the cultural, social, and legislative factors that make these areas welcoming and inclusive.

1. California (4.8%)

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California leads with robust protections and a celebrated LGBTQ culture, particularly in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, which are central to the community’s history.

2. Oregon (4.9%)

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Oregon’s progressive stance on LGBTQ rights, especially in Portland, contributes to its high percentage of LGBTQ residents.

3. Vermont (5.3%)

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With its early adoption of LGBTQ rights, Vermont offers a welcoming rural escape for many in the community.

4. Massachusetts (4.4%)

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Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, making it an enduring hub for LGBTQ individuals.

5. Washington (4.6%)

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Seattle’s large and active LGBTQ population benefits from Washington’s inclusive policies and vibrant cultural scene.

6. New York (4.5%)

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New York is home to a significant LGBTQ population, with a storied history of advocacy and community in areas like Greenwich Village.

7. Nevada (4.2%)

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Las Vegas’s dynamic entertainment scene and Nevada’s growing acceptance contribute to its LGBTQ community’s size.

8. Maine (4.3%)

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Maine offers a tranquil setting with progressive laws that attract a significant number of LGBTQ residents.

9. Rhode Island (4.5%)

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Rhode Island’s compact size belies its vibrant LGBTQ community, supported by progressive Northeastern attitudes.

10. New Mexico (4.6%)

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Santa Fe and Albuquerque are cultural havens with inclusive policies that appeal to LGBTQ residents.

11. Colorado (4.6%)

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Denver and Boulder are hotspots within Colorado, offering a progressive atmosphere and active LGBTQ scenes.

12. Illinois (4.1%)

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Chicago’s large and politically active LGBTQ community drives Illinois’s ranking.

13. Minnesota (4.1%)

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The Twin Cities’ supportive policies and active social scene make Minnesota a welcoming state for LGBTQ individuals.

14. Iowa (3.9%)

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Iowa’s early support for LGBTQ rights, including same-sex marriage, makes it a Midwestern leader.

15. New Hampshire (3.6%)

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New Hampshire combines New England charm and progressive policies, making it appealing for LGBTQ residents.

16. Connecticut (3.8%)

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Connecticut’s comprehensive anti-discrimination laws and proximity to major urban centers like NYC contribute to its vibrant LGBTQ community.

17. Maryland (3.9%)

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Baltimore and its surrounding areas offer a diverse and accepting environment for Maryland’s LGBTQ residents.

18. Delaware (3.9%)

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Delaware’s laws protecting LGBTQ rights help maintain its small but significant community.

19. Alaska (3.8%)

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Despite its remote location, Alaska’s unique blend of independence and community spirit attracts LGBTQ residents.

20. Montana (3.6%)

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Montana’s growing acceptance and beautiful landscapes draw a notable percentage of LGBTQ individuals seeking both adventure and community.

Community and Legislation

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The percentages reflect not just cultural acceptance but also the impact of protective legislations and community efforts to support equality and anti-discrimination. These states demonstrate how legal protections, social acceptance, and an active community life can create environments where the LGBTQ population thrives.

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