18 Ways Biden’s LGBTQ Support Has Fallen Short

President Biden has shown a mix of actions and hesitations on LGBTQ+ issues, prompting discussions about his administration’s commitment. Are these moves enough for meaningful change or is he playing it too safe?

1. Delay in Passing the Equality Act

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Biden promised swift action on the Equality Act, yet the legislation remains stalled in Congress. This pivotal law would outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity nationwide.

2. Vague Stance on Transgender Sports Participation

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The administration has not clarified its position on transgender athletes’ participation in sports. This ambiguity leaves transgender youth in a state of uncertainty about their rights in educational institutions.

3. Incomplete Ban on Conversion Therapy

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While Biden supports banning conversion therapy, there has been no federal action to outlaw this harmful practice. This leaves LGBTQ+ individuals vulnerable to coercive attempts to change their sexual orientation or gender identity.

4. Slow Movement on International LGBTQ+ Rights

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Although Biden has condemned abuses against LGBTQ+ people globally, activists urge a more aggressive approach to protect these individuals from discrimination and violence in their home countries.

5. Limited Action on LGBTQ+ Homelessness

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The administration has acknowledged LGBTQ+ homelessness but has yet to implement significant policy changes or funding increases to address this crisis directly.

6. Inconsistent Support for LGBTQ+ Elders

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Policies to protect LGBTQ+ seniors in healthcare and housing remain underdeveloped, despite the unique challenges faced by this demographic.

7. Muted Response to Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation in States

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Biden has occasionally criticized anti-LGBTQ+ state laws but has not taken strong federal action to counter these measures.

8. Underwhelming Advocacy for LGBTQ+ People of Color

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While the administration has discussed intersectionality, there is a call for more targeted actions to address the specific needs of LGBTQ+ people of color.

9. Health Care Access for Transgender Individuals

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Progress has been made in health care access for transgender individuals, yet significant barriers remain, especially in states with restrictive laws.

10. Employment Discrimination Protections

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The administration supports workplace protections, yet many LGBTQ+ individuals still face discrimination without comprehensive federal safeguards.

11. Funding for LGBTQ+ Mental Health Initiatives

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While mental health is a stated priority, funding for LGBTQ+ specific mental health services has not seen a corresponding increase.

12. Protection of LGBTQ+ Rights in Education

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Biden supports protective policies in education, but enforcement and expansion of these protections have been slow.

13. Handling of LGBTQ+ Asylum Seekers

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The treatment of LGBTQ+ asylum seekers has not significantly improved, with many facing unsafe conditions in detention centers.

14. Advocacy for Intersex Rights

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The administration has yet to address issues specifically affecting the intersex community, leaving them without clear support or recognition.

15. Engagement With LGBTQ+ Organizations

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Engagement with key LGBTQ+ advocacy groups has been sporadic, raising questions about the depth of the administration’s commitment to these partnerships.

16. Federal Data Collection on LGBTQ+ Communities

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Efforts to expand data collection on LGBTQ+ Americans are ongoing but slow, impacting the ability to address specific needs effectively.

17. Judicial Appointments Impacting LGBTQ+ Rights

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Biden has appointed several pro-LGBTQ+ judges, yet the overall impact of his judicial appointments on LGBTQ+ rights remains to be seen.

18. Public Rhetoric vs. Policy Action

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There’s often a disconnect between Biden’s supportive public statements and the substantive policy actions taken by his administration.

Is the Fence Comfortable, Mr. President?

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Biden’s tentative approach to LGBTQ+ issues has prompted both hope and frustration within the community. Is caution the best approach to advocacy, or is it time for bolder actions?

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