Outrage Over Mike Johnson’s Remarks on LGBTQ+ Youth: A Nation Grapples with Divisive Views

In a recent “prayer call” hosted by Jim Garlow, co-founder of the World Prayer Network, Mike Johnson, the current Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, made statements that have stirred controversy and ignited discussions surrounding LGBTQ+ issues in American culture. The call, which took place on October 3, was reported by Rolling Stone and has since been picked up by various media outlets.

A “Dark and Depraved” Nation?

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Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, expressed his views on the state of American culture, characterizing it as “dark and depraved.” 

Johnson’s Critical Assessment

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He attributed this assessment, in part, to the increasing number of young people identifying as “something other than straight.” 

A Timely Call

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The call occurred just hours before Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s ousting as Speaker and three weeks before Johnson’s election to succeed him.

Johnson Highlights Church Attendance Drop Below 50 Percent

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During the call, Johnson remarked, “The culture is so dark and depraved that it almost seems irredeemable at this point.” He highlighted the decline in church attendance, falling below 50 percent, and emphasized that “one in four high school students identified as something other than straight,” gesturing with air quotes around the term “straight.”

Johnson expressed concern, stating, “We’re losing the country.”

A Divine Perspective

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The controversial statements continued as Johnson shared his belief that God would guide the U.S. through this perceived crisis despite the crisis warranting divine wrath. 

Johnson Thinks This Crisis Warrants Supernatural Intervention

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He also lamented the potential election of a moderate Republican or a Democrat as House speaker in McCarthy’s absence, emphasizing the need for a “supernatural intervention from the God of the universe.”

Post-McCarthy Ousting

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After McCarthy’s removal, the House faced challenges in selecting a new speaker. 

Acting Speaker

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Republican Patrick McHenry of North Carolina assumed the role of acting Speaker before Johnson’s election on October 25.

Johnson’s views on LGBTQ+ issues drew heightened scrutiny after his ascent to the speakership.

Post-Election Scrutiny

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Notably, Johnson has a history of anti-LGBTQ+ stances, which came under the spotlight following his election. 

A Controversial History

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His past includes opinion columns against marriage equality, derogatory comments branding LGBTQ+ individuals as “deviant,” and proposing legislation akin to Florida’s controversial “don’t say gay” law.

Johnson’s Past Involvement With the “Alliance Defending Freedom”

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Before his current position, Johnson worked with the Alliance Defense Fund, now known as the Alliance Defending Freedom, an organization representing numerous anti-LGBTQ+ clients. 

Kelly Johnson’s Controversial Comments

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His wife, Kelly Johnson, operated a Christian counseling practice that, in the past, equated homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia, although the website has since disappeared.

Selective Memory

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Since assuming the role of House speaker, Johnson has been relatively quiet on LGBTQ+ issues. In a recent interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, he claimed not to remember some of his previous remarks on homosexuality and emphasized his commitment to the rule of law while expressing love for all people, regardless of their lifestyle choices.

Johnson’s ‘Prayer Call’ With Garlow Resurfaces Anti-LGBTQ+ Sentiments

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However, the controversial “prayer call” with Garlow provides a glimpse into Johnson’s recent past, reaffirming his anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments.

As these statements resurface, they add an additional layer of complexity to the ongoing dialogue about the role of personal beliefs in shaping national policies. 

The Nation Watches On

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The House speaker, a key figure in shaping legislative agendas, holds significant influence, making Johnson’s views a subject of ongoing concern and discussion within the nation’s political landscape.

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