18 Must-Watch LGBTQ+ Shows Streaming Now

Streaming platforms have become a beacon for LGBTQ+ storytelling, offering a diverse range of narratives that challenge, celebrate, and contextualize queer experiences. These 18 series not only entertain but also enrich our understanding of the LGBTQ+ community.

1. “Pose”

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Dive into the vibrant ballroom culture of New York City during the ’80s and ’90s with “Pose.” This groundbreaking show spotlights the lives, loves, and battles of trans women and gay men, creating space for stories that resonate deeply.

2. “Orange Is the New Black”

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A mix of comedy and drama inside a women’s prison, “Orange Is the New Black” broke new ground with its nuanced LGBTQ+ characters and relationships, exploring themes of identity, acceptance, and love behind bars.

3. “The L Word: Generation Q”

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The sequel to the iconic “The L Word,” “Generation Q” continues to explore the lives of lesbian women in Los Angeles, updating the conversation for today’s social climate with a diverse, multi-generational cast.

4. “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

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This competition show brings drag culture to the mainstream, celebrating the artistry, creativity, and resilience of drag queens across America, with plenty of heart, humor, and glitter.

5. “Euphoria”

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“Euphoria” deals with the raw and real issues facing teens today, including the exploration of gender identity and sexuality, through the eyes of a diverse group of high school students.

6. “Schitt’s Creek”

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Beloved for its humor and warmth, “Schitt’s Creek” features one of TV’s most heartwarming gay romances, celebrated for its positive portrayal of a relationship without the backdrop of trauma or prejudice.

7. “Sex Education”

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This British comedy-drama tackles the often awkward topic of sex education in a refreshingly open and inclusive way, featuring a wide array of LGBTQ+ characters and storylines.

8. “Tales of the City”

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Based on the novels by Armistead Maupin, this series follows the lives of a diverse group of friends living in San Francisco, a beacon of LGBTQ+ culture, exploring themes of family, aging, and acceptance.

9. “Transparent”

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“Transparent” focuses on a family whose father comes out as a transgender woman, delving into the complexities of identity, family dynamics, and acceptance with sensitivity and depth.

10. “Sense8”

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From the creators of “The Matrix,” “Sense8” is a sci-fi drama about eight strangers psychically connected, celebrated for its inclusive representation and exploration of sexuality and gender.

11. “Queer Eye”

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The reboot of the early-2000s series, “Queer Eye,” features the Fab Five as they transform lives not just through fashion, but through empathy, understanding, and acceptance, addressing a host of social issues along the way.

12. “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay”

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This heartwarming comedy-drama focuses on a young man who becomes the guardian of his two half-sisters, exploring themes of grief, autism, and bisexuality with humour and grace.

13. “The Politician”

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“The Politician” offers a satirical look at the ambition and machinations of a young man determined to become president, including his exploration of his own sexuality and desire for power.

14. “I Am Not Okay with This”

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A coming-of-age story with a supernatural twist, this series deals with teenage angst, including the protagonist’s grappling with her sexuality, in an engaging and unique narrative.

15. “Feel Good”

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A semi-autobiographical comedy about a comedian and recovering addict navigating her new relationship, “Feel Good” delves into the complexities of love, gender identity, and addiction.

16. “Special”

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Based on the memoir of Ryan O’Connell, who also stars, “Special” follows a gay man with cerebral palsy as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery, breaking down stereotypes about disability and sexuality.

17. “Gentleman Jack”

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Set in 19th century England, “Gentleman Jack” tells the true story of Anne Lister, a landowner and industrialist who defied the norms of her time to live openly as a lesbian, based on her diaries.

18. “One Day at a Time”

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This reboot of the classic sitcom centers on a Cuban-American family, featuring a teenage daughter who comes out as lesbian. It’s celebrated for its heartfelt and humorous take on issues facing LGBTQ+ individuals and their families.

Empower and Entertain

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These 18 series aren’t just changing the channel and the conversation. They offer a glimpse into the lives, loves, and struggles of LGBTQ+ individuals,

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