The 20 Worst States for Punishing Property Taxes

As we embark on a journey across the United States, we uncover an aspect of homeownership that often prompts a deep sigh: property taxes. From coast to coast, these necessary contributions to local and state coffers can vary wildly. Let’s explore the 20 states where the dream of owning a home comes with a hefty annual reminder of civic duty.

20. Ohio

The Buckeye State welcomes homeowners with open arms and a property tax rate that might make you blink twice. With an average tax bill hovering around $2,300, it’s a gentle nudge compared to what lies ahead on our list.

19. Rhode Island

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The smallest state boasts some sizeable tax demands. Average property taxes here sail to about $2,500, making every square foot count in a big way.

18. Maryland

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Maryland, with its charm and waterways, also brings a property tax bill averaging around $3,000. It’s a cost of admission to some of the most desirable living spaces near the nation’s capital.

17. Massachusetts

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The Bay State, rich in history and higher education, also specializes in higher property taxes, with averages around $3,500. Historical charm, it seems, comes with a modern price tag.

16. Vermont

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Vermont’s picturesque landscapes are matched with property taxes that paint a less idyllic picture, averaging about $3,600. It’s a small price to pay for those seeking solace in its natural beauty—relatively speaking.

15. California

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The Golden State shines bright with opportunity, innovation, and, yes, higher property taxes, averaging about $3,700. The price of sun, surf, and Silicon Valley dreams is evidently steep.

14. Michigan

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Michigan, with its Great Lakes and greater tax rates, sees homeowners facing an average bill of $3,800. It’s a reminder that lake views and city living come at a cost.

13. Washington

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The Evergreen State, known for its tech giants and natural vistas, also boasts property taxes averaging $3,900. A premium for those who want to keep it green in every sense of the word.

12. Maine

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Maine’s rugged beauty and coastal charms are accompanied by property taxes averaging $4,000. For those in love with New England’s allure, it’s a bitter but perhaps worthwhile pill.

11. Minnesota

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The Land of 10,000 Lakes makes a splash with property taxes too, averaging around $4,100. It’s the price for access to endless natural beauty and vibrant metropolitan communities.

10. New York

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The Empire State, with its iconic cityscapes and bustling life, commands an average property tax of $4,500. It seems the city that never sleeps also never stops taxing.

9. Wisconsin

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Wisconsin’s cheese, beer, and sports come with a side of property taxes, averaging $4,600. A hearty sum for those who call this passionate state home.

8. Connecticut

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Connecticut, nestled in the heart of New England, offers picturesque living and property taxes averaging $5,000. A quaint lifestyle with a quantifiable cost.

7. Pennsylvania

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The Keystone State, rich in American history and culture, also boasts property taxes averaging $5,100. Independence, it seems, comes with its own set of fees.

6. Rhode Island

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Making a second appearance on our list due to its unique position, Rhode Island’s compact size doesn’t prevent its property taxes from expanding, now hitting an average of $5,200. A small state with a sizable tax tag.

5. Nebraska

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The Cornhusker State, with its sprawling plains and agricultural prowess, sees average property taxes reach $5,300. A testament to the high cost of spacious living.

4. Texas

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The Lone Star State, where everything’s bigger, including the property tax bills, averaging $5,400. A stark reminder that vast lands come with vast responsibilities.

3. Illinois

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The Windy City and beyond face the gusts of property taxes head-on, with Illinois homeowners paying an average of $5,500. A whirlwind of a figure for those nestled in the Midwest.

2. New Hampshire

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New Hampshire, with its motto of “Live Free or Die,” might consider amending to “Live Free, Pay Taxes,” with averages soaring to $5,600. Freedom in the Granite State has its price.

1. New Jersey

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Crowning our list, New Jersey stands unparalleled with the highest average property tax in the nation— a staggering $8,400. The Garden State proves fertile ground not just for produce but for tax bills that are anything but garden variety.

The American Dream Costs

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So, it’s clear that the American Dream of homeownership comes with a diverse landscape of fiscal obligations. Whether it’s the price of coastal living, access to metropolitan hubs, or simply the cost of sprawling acreage, property taxes remain a significant factor in the pursuit of finding a place to call home.

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