Gender-Dysphoria: Schools Under Fire for Lack of Transparency With Parents

Scottish elementary schools are finding themselves at the center of a worldwide debate surrounding the regulation and discussion of sexuality in schools thanks to their new progressive policies.

Student Champions

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Schools like Knox Academy in East Lothian and North Berwick High have begun implementing new policies that appoint children as “LGBT champions.”

LGBT Youth Scotland

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This new policy is part of an inclusion plan developed and run by LGBT Youth Scotland, which has seen a sharp rise in popularity after receiving significant public funding.

Encouraging Discussions

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The school’s new policies will encourage their students to discuss sexual orientation and gender identity, starting with children as young as four and extending all throughout their education.

LGBT Clubs

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Based on the new policies, the students will also be encouraged to create LGBT clubs and ‘gender and sexual orientation alliance groups’.

Trans Inclusivity in Schools

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To further promote inclusivity and awareness of trans issues, LGBT Youth Scotland is also advising schools to install gender-neutral toilets and observe Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Trans Issues

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However, It’s this particular focus on trans issues that has really sparked the controversy surrounding LGBT Youth Scotland’s effect on school policy.

Good Practice

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As part of this new initiative, Knox Academy has updated its teacher guidelines to suggest that it is “good practice” not to disclose a child’s social transition to their parents without their permission.

Inadvertent Disclosure

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On this policy one staff member said, “A transgender young person may not have told their family about their gender identity. A young person may not have told their family about their sexuality. Inadvertent disclosure could cause needless stress for the young person or could put them at risk.”

Children’s Right to Privacy

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The policy is meant to support children’s right to privacy when managing their own gender identity by giving them the space to change their pronouns, names, and clothing to reflect their preferred gender.

The Cass Review

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Coincidentally, a new study, the Cass Review, led by Dr. Hillary Cass, has recently been published and warns against this kind of unchecked social transition for young children.

Setting Down a Path

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The Cass Review suggests that socially transitioning children could set them on a path toward irreversible medical treatments based on “remarkably weak evidence,” and it must be done with medical supervision and extreme caution.

Disappointed by the Evidence

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In her study, Dr. Cass said, “I have been disappointed by the lack of evidence on the long-term impact of taking hormones from an early age; research has let us all down, most importantly you.”

No Good Evidence

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Dr. Cass then went on to say, “The reality is we have no good evidence on the long-term outcomes of interventions to manage gender-related distress.”

Trans Stigma

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However, the Cass Review also criticized the stigma surrounding the trans community and the polarized debate it has created for covering the issue with fear and toxicity, and preventing open discussion.

Policy Reactions

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Unsurprisingly, the political and public reactions to this new school initiative have seen a wide range of opinions that are often wholeheartedly opposed to what their opposition may be saying.

Hasty Decisions

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One stand out critic of the new policy is the Deputy Director of the Christian Institute, Simon Calvert who fears these new polices may be hasty and potentially irresponsible.

Clearly Wrong

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Calvert said, “The idea that a teacher can just decide on the spot, the first time a kid speaks to them about gender confusion, to socially transition them by using whatever pronouns or name the child wants, is clearly wrong.”


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Calvert then went on to say, “The idea that they can try to keep their parents – and therefore their doctors – out of the decision is not just wrong, it is unprofessional.”

The Initiatives Legality

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However, the East Lothian Council Spokesperson responded to such criticisms by highlighting the legality behind the decision to develop such an initiative.

Underpinned by Key Legislation

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The spokesperson said, “This is underpinned by key legislation and established children’s rights respecting approaches including, but not limited to, the Equality Act 2010, Getting it Right for Every Child, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and data protection legislation and principles.”

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