Democratic Challengers: Who’s Who in the Race Against Biden for 2024

Joe Biden has a powerful lead in the polls, but there are a few candidates who hope to win favor among voters this election cycle. Find out who is running against Biden and what their odds are.

Democrats Launch Campaigns to Compete Against President Biden

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The Republican Party candidates in the 2024 presidential election are receiving a lot of press, especially former president Donald Trump. But who are the Democratic hopefuls that will compete against Biden in the primaries?

Three Contenders Hope to Beat Biden

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At present, there are four main Democratic candidates including current president Joe Biden. Each is hoping to garner enough support to win the state primaries and caucuses and become the official Democratic nominee. 

Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota

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Dean Phillips announced his candidacy in October. He currently represents Minnesota in the House and has launched a campaign that is largely built on ushering in a “new generation of American leaders.”

Phillips Running on Age

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Phillips joins the race touting many of Biden’s policies, but with the benefit of a younger perspective. At age 54, Phillips is 27 years younger than Biden.

Younger Candidate Struggling in Polls

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Currently, Phillips is struggling to keep up in the polls. As of November, he was polling at around 2% in stark contrast to President Biden at 66%.

Bestselling Author Marianne Williamson of Texas

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Marianne Williamson launched her campaign for president in the spring. Aged 70, many voters worry that she, like many other candidates, is too old to do the job. This cycle has seen a large focus on candidates’ ages and whether that should impact their ability to lead the country.

Prior Candidacy Cut Short

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Williamson ran for president in 2020 as well, but her campaign did not last long. Ultimately she suspended her effort and endorsed Bernie Sanders.

Progressive Policies and “Harnessing Love”

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Her policies focus on social justice, healthcare, and childcare and lean socialist. She has said that she wishes to “harness love for political purposes.” In her career, she has been a bestselling author and a “spiritual advisor,” notably to Oprah Winfrey.

Polls Suggest Williamson Is Long-Shot Candidate

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The Texas native is polling slightly better than Phillips, but still significantly behind Biden, at around 5%.

Political Commentator Cenk Uygur of New Jersey

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Cenk Uygur, 53, brings his career as a political commentator to the race in his bid for president. He is the founder and host of the talk show The Young Turks, which began in 2002.

Controversial Comments Cost Uygur Major Supporters

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Uygur is a progressive whose major policy focuses are healthcare, minimum wage, and gun control. He has, however, ignited controversy among many for his degrading comments about women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community.

Democrats Call Out Uygur’s “Divisive Rhetoric”

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LA County Democratic Party chairman Mark Gonzalez said that Uygur’s “hate speech and divisive rhetoric have no place in [the Democratic] party.”

Born in Turkey, Constitution Says He Can’t Run

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Aside from struggling to receive support from the Democratic Party, Uygur’s primary obstacle is his nationality. Born in Turkey, he is not eligible for a presidential run. The Constitution requires presidential candidates to be natural-born citizens of the country. 

A Plan to Fight as Naturalized Citizen

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Uygur intends to take this issue up with the Supreme Court if necessary. So far, New Hampshire and Nevada have confirmed that he will not be an option on their ballots for primaries.

Polls Do Not Show Uygur Getting Support

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As far as polling numbers; Uygur is not currently appearing alongside the other Democratic candidates in major polls, but he is not letting that concern him. 

“I Think I’ve Got a Very Compelling Message”

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“I think I’ve got a very compelling message,” he said. “If we get our message out to the citizens, we’re gonna win those things. Our message is incredibly popular.”

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