DEI Ban: Utah Universities to Shut Down Safe Spaces for LGBTQ, Women, and Racial Minorities

In the wake of a new “Equal Opportunities” law for Utah schools, a number of notable state universities have chosen to shutter their DEI cultural centers. 

Cultural Student Centers Closing in Utah

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Some universities across the state of Utah are planning to shutter their cultural centers – including ‘safe spaces’ for LGBTQ, women, and racial minorities – in response to a new law partially restricting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives on campus.

The “Equal Opportunities Initiative”

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The bill, known as HB 261 or the “Equal Opportunities Initiative,” was signed into law by Republican governor Spencer Cox earlier this year. 

For All Students

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It dictates that student services must be available to all students, and cannot specifically cater to individual groups based on “personal identity characteristics,” according to a press release on the matter from the University of Utah.

From DEI to Student Success Centers

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The bill restricts DEI programs from “engaging in discriminatory practices” by requiring them to be reworked as Student Success Centers open to all students.

Multiple Universities Respond

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Now, colleges like the University of Utah, Southern Utah University, Utah State University, and Weber State University are closing various DEI initiatives and cultural centers in response to the law, which went into effect on July 1.

Three Centers for UoU

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The University of Utah, one of the state’s largest universities, has announced that it will close three student centers based around DEI: the LGBT Resource Center, the Women’s Resource Center, and the Center for Equity and Student Belonging, a center catering to ethnic minority students.

“Centralized Centers”

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These three organizations will be reworked into “centralized centers” available to students regardless of gender, ethnicity, or sexuality, the university press release confirmed.

Some Very Difficult Decisions

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“As we’ve evaluated how best to comply with the legislation, I want to be clear that we’ve faced very difficult decisions,” said Lori McDonald, UoU Vice President for Student Affairs. “The law and subsequent guidance require a foundational change in how we approach student support, and we will follow the law.”

Some Remain

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UoU will keep its Black Cultural Center building, to be rebranded as a “community gathering space,” and is planning a new Community and Cultural Engagement Center.

Weber State University

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Weber State University has announced the closure of the Division of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, to be replaced with a Student Success Center.

Staff Will Still Carry on Their Work

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With it will go the WSU LGBT Center and five other cultural centers that fell under the banner of DEI. However, the university maintains that much of its staff from the DEI office will continue similar work for the SSC office.

Southern Utah Responses

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Southern Utah University will also discard its Center for Diversity and Inclusion and LGBT Center. 

Utah State to Keep Some Centers

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Utah State University, on the other hand, has chosen to maintain its Latinx Cultural Center and has even announced a new Native American Cultural Center, pending approval from the state board of higher education.

Not Required by Law

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It should be noted that the new law does not require these centers to disband entirely – instead, it legally allows them to continue with the same function, as long as their services are extended to the rest of the student body.

Some Restrictions

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It also requires that these centers cannot provide academic and administrative support, particularly tutoring, academic counseling, financial aid support, etc.

For “Established Student Services” Only

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These services must only be accessed via “offices of student success and support, or previously established student services offices”.

Shock for Minority Groups

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While HB 261 strives to provide equal opportunities to all students, there is no doubt that it has caused shock and consternation for minority individuals and advocacy groups, who see DEI and cultural centers as ‘safe spaces’ on campus.

A “Punch to the Gut”

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Tomoya Averett, the community engagement coordinator for UoU’s LGBT Resource Center, described the recent university announcements as a “punch to the gut.” 

A Second Home for Students

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“We are just a lot of our students’ second home and an opportunity for people to find community,” she told reporters. “I’m hopeful that we’ll still be able to support students in a meaningful way.”

Education Commissioner Supports the Law

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Geoffrey Landward, the Utah Commissioner of Higher Education, has spoken in support of the new law, saying it “preserves our ability to educate and celebrate different cultures, but in a way that doesn’t expose us to more criticism … without having to answer the question: ‘Why does this one group get a center and another group doesn’t?’”

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