Daylight Robbery: 25 Outrageous Rip-Offs Every American Should Know About

In the land of the free, there are still plenty of ways to pay way too much for, well, just about everything. Here’s a look at 25 of the most outrageous rip-offs that every American should be wary of.

1. Movie Theater Popcorn

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The markup on this fluffy snack is astronomical. Paying $8 for something that costs pennies to make? Pass the butter—and maybe a second mortgage.

2. Bottled Water

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It’s just tap water with a fancy label. Buying it regularly is like paying a premium for the privilege of using your own faucet.

3. Brand Name Prescription Drugs

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Generic medications contain the same active ingredients and cost a fraction of the branded versions. Don’t let fancy commercials fool you.

4. College Textbooks

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Why does this book cost $300? Because it can, and because it’s ‘required reading’ just adds salt to the wound.

5. Extended Warranties

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Often not worth the paper they’re printed on. You might as well set that extra cash on fire for all the good it’ll do you.

6. Printer Ink

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More expensive per ounce than human blood or fine champagne. Maybe it’s time to reconsider handwritten letters.

7. Designer Eyeglasses

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A pair of brand frames can cost you hundreds, yet they make them for less than $30. Seeing clearly shouldn’t mean seeing double in your bank account.

8. Airport Food

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Everything costs more once you’re through security. It’s as if they know you can’t go anywhere else—oh wait, they do.

9. Hotel In-Room Services

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Paying $10 for a bottle of water? Only in a world where the beds are made and you never have to see the cleaning bill.

10. Greeting Cards

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Paying $5 to express a sentiment that could be texted, emailed, or, better yet, said in person.

11. ATM Fees

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Paying money to get access to your own money is the ultimate modern-day robbery.

12. Cable TV

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Hundreds of channels and nothing to watch. Plus, there’s the joy of paying for all those unwatched channels.

13. Brand Name Sneakers

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Hundreds of dollars for shoes that cost a fraction of that to produce. The real cost is the logo, not the laces.

14. Wedding Markups

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Say the word “wedding,” and all prices quadruple. From cakes to flowers, the “love tax” is real.

15. Smartphone Apps

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That “free” app costs $0 to download and your privacy to maintain.

16. Convenience Store Snacks

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A $5 bag of chips? The price sure is convenient… for the store.

17. Car Rentals

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The extra fees come at you faster than a speeding ticket: insurance, undercarriage damage, alien abduction coverage…

18. Concert Tickets

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Face value? That’s just a mythical number unless you enjoy paying double to scalpers or third-party sites.

19. International Roaming Charges

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Because apparently, data packets travel first class when you’re abroad.

20. Credit Card Interest Rates

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The gift that keeps on taking. Miss one payment and see how generous they really are!

21. Organic Food Markups

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Sometimes, it seems like they just slap an organic label on it and watch the price tag grow.

22. Auto Service Upsells

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You came in for an oil change, but suddenly you need a new transmission, a unicorn horn polish, and a mortgage refinance.

23. Premium Gasoline

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Unless your car specifically requires it, premium gas is just regular gas that went to a private school.

24. Anything at a Tourist Attraction

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Souvenirs, snacks, photos—everything’s got a tourist tax, because when will you be back, right?

25. Holiday Gifts

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The price of toys and gadgets skyrockets as December 25th approaches, exploiting your holiday spirit and your wallet.

The Great American Mark-Up

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So, next time you reach for your wallet, think twice. Sometimes, the best purchase is the one you don’t make. Or, at the very least, maybe sneak your own popcorn into the movies.

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