Outdated and Outlawed: 1970s Behaviors That Can Get You Canceled Today

Ah, the 1970s: a time when fashion was loud, attitudes were laid-back, and some cultural behaviors were downright outrageous by today’s standards. Here’s a look at things from the ‘70s that would raise more than a few eyebrows if they made a comeback today.

1. Rampant Workplace Discrimination

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Job listings openly specifying “male only” or “female preferred” were commonplace, and workplace discrimination was a norm. Today, these would lead to lawsuits and social media outrage.

2. Smoking Indoors

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Lighting up a cigarette in offices, classrooms, and even airplanes was not only accepted but expected. Imagine the Twitter storm if someone tried that now!

3. Drinking and Driving

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Drinking and driving laws were lax, and “one for the road” had a literal meaning that makes modern-day advocates for road safety shudder.

4. Littering as a Norm

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Tossing garbage out of car windows wasn’t just seen in movies. It was a widespread practice with little to no public concern about environmental consequences.

5. Casual Racism and Sexism in Media

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TV shows and movies often featured blatant racism and sexism, played for laughs or drama with little thought about the impact on those stereotyped.

6. Corporal Punishment in Schools

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Teachers wielding paddles wasn’t just an idle threat but an accepted disciplinary practice. Today, it would provoke a national conversation about child abuse.

7. Complete Lack of Digital Privacy

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The concept of privacy in the digital age didn’t exist—because the digital age hadn’t begun. The idea of sharing personal details without safeguarding privacy is unthinkable now.

8. Open Homophobia

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Being openly gay was virtually taboo and could result in being ostracized or worse. Public figures who outed themselves faced severe repercussions.

9. No Seatbelts

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Cars often lacked seatbelts, and if they had them, using them wasn’t mandatory. Now, driving without a seatbelt is generally considered a major safety violation.

10. Gendered Expectations for Kids

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Boys were given trucks; girls got dolls. The rigid gender norms in children’s toys and expectations would now be criticized for limiting self-expression and identity.

11. Lack of Environmental Regulations

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Factories belched smoke with few repercussions, and the word “recycling” was hardly in anyone’s vocabulary. Such disregard for the planet would not fly today.

12. Nonexistent Nutritional Concerns

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TV dinners and processed foods reigned supreme with little awareness or concern about nutritional content, preservatives, or health impacts.

13. Unfiltered Politicians

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Politicians could make public statements that were openly prejudiced or inflammatory without the immediate backlash of today’s social media-driven accountability.

14. Patriarchal Family Structures

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Television and real life mirrored each other in showcasing a family dynamic where the father knew best and the mother’s primary role was to support and nurture.

15. Stigmatization of Mental Health

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Mental health issues were deeply stigmatized, rarely discussed, and poorly understood, often resulting in isolation or worse for those affected.

16. Permissive Attitudes Toward Drinking in Public

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Public intoxication was more socially acceptable, and seeing someone with a morning drink didn’t necessarily raise concerns about alcoholism.

17. Redlining and Housing Discrimination

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Redlining kept minority populations out of certain neighborhoods legally. Such practices, while still present in subtler forms, are now illegal and widely condemned.

18. Taboos Around Discussing Sex

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Sex education was either non-existent or highly moralized, and discussions about sexual health and consent were not a part of public conversation.

19. No Concerns Over Smoking Near Children

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Adults smoked around children in homes, cars, and public spaces without a second thought about the secondhand smoke’s impact on health.

20. Media Censorship

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The government and other institutions exercised broad powers to censor books, music, and media, which would incite fierce debates about free speech today.

Reflecting on the Past

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While the ’70s had its charms and chills, many of its norms would not just be outdated but outright offensive today. It’s a decade best served with a side of nostalgia, not a full revival!

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