Bisexuality: 18 Tell-Tale Signs You Might Be

Exploring your sexuality can be a journey full of discoveries, questions, and exciting revelations. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about your attractions to more than one gender, you might be bisexual. Here are 18 signs that could suggest bisexuality is a part of your colorful spectrum.

1. You Appreciate Beauty in All

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You find yourself admiring people of various genders, not just in a platonic way, but with a genuine appreciation for their attractiveness.

2. Celebrity Crushes Are Gender Diverse

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Your list of celebrity crushes doesn’t stick to one gender. From Chris Evans to Zendaya, your heart doesn’t discriminate.

3. Romantic Dreams Aren’t Gender Specific

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Your dreams about romance and intimacy feature people of different genders, indicating your subconscious is open to diverse attractions.

4. You Relate to Bisexual Characters

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Characters like Rosa Diaz from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” or Oberyn Martell from “Game of Thrones” resonate with you deeply.

5. The “Phase” Isn’t a Phase

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What others might call a phase has felt like a consistent part of your identity for as long as you can remember.

6. You Question Traditional Labels

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Terms like “gay” or “straight” feel too limiting to describe the breadth of your attractions.

7. Crushes Shift Across Genders

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Your history of crushes includes people of more than one gender, reflecting the fluidity of your attractions.

8. You Imagine Future Relationships Openly

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When you think about your future partner, you’re open to the idea of being with someone of any gender.

9. Gender Isn’t Your Primary Focus

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In potential partners, their personality and connection with you matter more than their gender.

10. The Bisexual Bob Haircut Appeals to You

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There’s something about that particular style that just speaks to you, whether or not you’ve rocked it yourself.

11. LGBTQ+ Media Draws You In

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You’re especially interested in media that explores bisexuality or features bisexual characters.

12. You’ve Felt “Too Gay” or “Too Straight”

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Depending on who you’re dating, you’ve felt like you don’t fully belong in straight or gay spaces.

13. Your Friendships Feel Intense

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You have deep, intense friendships that blur the line between platonic and romantic.

14. “Everyone’s a Little Bisexual, Right?”

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You’ve found yourself thinking or saying this, wondering if everyone feels the way you do.

15. The Bi-cycle Is Real for You

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Your attractions can cycle, leaning more towards one gender at times, then another, but never settling on just one.

16. Flirting Can Be Gender-Neutral

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You’re just as comfortable flirting with people of one gender as another, often using the same techniques.

17. LGBTQ+ Spaces Feel Like Home

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You feel a strong sense of belonging and relief in spaces that celebrate LGBTQ+ identities, including bisexuality.

18. Reading This List Sparks Recognition

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If nodding along or feeling seen while reading this list, it might be a sign of your bisexuality.

The Beautiful Spectrum

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If many of these signs resonate with you, you might be exploring the beautiful, vibrant spectrum of bisexuality. Remember, sexuality is deeply personal, and only you can define what feels right. Celebrate your feelings, explore your identity, and most importantly, enjoy the journey!

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