Bill Maher’s Remarks on ‘Woke’ Culture Incite Critique, Joe Rogan Among Dissenters

Bill Maher thinks the “woke” movement has something in common with the Ku Klux Klan. And he’s not too fond of fat people, either. Here is the whole story.

They’re Tag-Team Offenders

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Maher was a recent guest on “The Joe Rogan Experience” on Spotify, and neither man minced words when it came to hot-button political issues.

They Found Common Ground

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The two talking heads covered topics ranging from COVID-19 to Donald Trump, and they agreed on most of them.

It Was a Sore Spot

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But when their conversation turned to race and the woke movement, Maher got extra crunchy with his commentary.

He Thinks They’re Wrong

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Maher started out by saying that the “woke mob” try to equate their movement with liberalism. But he takes exception to that view.

A Colorblind Society

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The main disconnect that Maher sees is that liberalism has always believed in building a colorblind society.

History Backs Him Up

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See people for who they are and not for the color of their skin, and we can reach true equality. That’s what Maher believes, and he says there’s a long history of that same idea among liberals.

Civil Rights Leaders

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Maher points to similar sentiments from civil rights leaders ranging from Martin Luther King, Jr., all the way up through Barack Obama.

They’re All About Race

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In contrast, Maher says, the woke advocates want every conversation to lead with race. Skin color is the first and most important criteria for judging a man.

He Dropped a Bomb

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Maher then jumped to a historical comparison that’s a gut punch to anyone who considers themselves to be progressive.

Rogan Tried to Bail Him Out

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For his part, Rogan tried to help Maher walk back his statements. The host suggested that the woke movement really was focused on building a more equitable society.

But Maher Stood His Ground

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But Maher was having none of it and doubled down on his tirade.

He Had an Answer

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After Rogan pointed out that extreme poverty and extreme crime in some areas just aren’t getting addressed in a timely or acceptable manner, Maher had an answer.

They Don’t Care

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And his answer was that woke is not trying to solve those problems, either, but that true liberalism might.

It’s Justice Shopping

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“Liberalism was never ‘shoplifting is progressive,’ and we weren’t interested in legalizing shoplifting, or I should call it ‘justice shopping,’” Maher said.

Police Defunding

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Maher then called out the move to defund police after George Floyd was killed in 2020.

They Hedged Their Bets

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He asserted that any successes in keeping neighborhoods safe without cops after the fact were the result of people hiring private security firms. It wasn’t because cutting the police force was the right thing to do.

Black Lives Matter Not Safe, Either

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Maher delivered one last dagger to race issues before moving on to other matters: “It’s amazing that black lives don’t seem to matter when they’re taken by black lives,” he said.

(The phrase “black-on-black crime” is popular in the far-right, but usually involves misleading statistics.)

Criticizing Body Positive Movement

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Then, so as not to dump on one group too much, Maher finished up by telling Rogan that the body positive movement is garbage.

Obesity Is Dangerous

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Rogan agreed with that sentiment, with both men saying that obesity is dangerous and a drag on society.

He’s Not So Popular

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Maher realizes these aren’t popular views and says he takes a lot of flak for his attacks on fat people. That backlash might seem minor in the aftermath of his comments about the woke movement, though.

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