Biden’s Promise to Protect LGBTQ Americans Despite Republicans Backlash

On April 26, President Joe Biden announced that he is making significant amendments to Title IX regulations that hope to build further protections for survivors of abuse, LGBTQ+ students, and student parents.

Reinstating Protections

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At the same time, the Biden administration has reinstated protections under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for LGBTQ+ people that the Trump administration previously rescinded.

Sex-Based Discrimination

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Under Section 1557 of the ACA, these protections will come into effect on August 1st and prohibit sex-based discrimination in healthcare for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Helping Student Survivors

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The new Title IX rules also reinstate protections for students who have survived sexual assault and harassment, which were slowly eroded under the previous Trump administration.

Trump Slashed Everything

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The reinstated ACA protections were also removed during the Trump administration as part of broader anti-LGBTQ+ policies enacted across various federal departments that Biden has now reversed.

A Common Problem

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It seems a common problem with America’s two-party system is that one president makes a change, and the next president reverses it, leading to no real progress on many issues.

Title IX

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If you’re unaware, Title IX, a federal civil rights law passed as part of the Education Amendments of 1972, prohibited sex-based discrimination in any education program or activity receiving federal funding. 

Broader Interpretations

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Title IX was originally created to ensure that men and women received equal opportunities, but as time passed, it evolved to take on broader interpretations.

Expanding Title IX

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Since its creation, Title IX has been expanded to address everything from sexual harassment and assault to discrimination based on pregnancy.

Title IX’s Newest Addition

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Thanks to the Biden administration, Title IX’s newest addition will create protections for people from discrimination based on their gender identity.

Biden Promises

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These new changes align with the Biden administration’s promises to create policies that support vulnerable groups and enhance rights for LGBTQ+ individuals in healthcare.

HHS Reaction

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Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Xavier Becerra, said the reinstatement of these protections marks significant progress toward a more equitable and inclusive healthcare system in the U.S. 

A Giant Step Forward

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Becerra said, “Today’s rule is a giant step forward for this country toward a more equitable and inclusive health care system.”

A Clear Way to Act

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Becerra said this change “means that Americans across the country now have a clear way to act on their rights against discrimination when they go to the doctor, talk with their health plan, or engage with health programs run by HHS.”

Expanding Definitions

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Becerra’s statement is also supported by the Biden administration’s expansion of the definition of sexual assault in educational settings, applying to both K-12 schools and colleges, to offer broader protections.

Fighting Change

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However, plenty in the U.S. government are fighting these new Title IX changes with everything they have.

Suing Biden

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Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has responded to the new Title IX regulations by suing the Biden administration almost immediately after the decision.

Opposing Trans Students

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Specifically, Texas AG Paxton opposes the new federal nondiscrimination protections toward transgender students and has told Texas educators to disregard these changes.

Ignoring Biden

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AG Paxton said, “I am instructing the Texas Education Agency to ignore your illegal dictate.”

Trampling Laws

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Paxton continued, “Your rewrite of Title IX not only exceeds your constitutional authority, it also tramples laws that I signed to protect the integrity of women’s sports by prohibiting men from competing against female athletes.”

Dragging Their Feet

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Despite Paxton’s efforts, these changes are great for the LGBTQ+ community; however, the Biden administration has dragged its feet when it comes to a crucial decision for trans people.

Trans Kids in Sports

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With the constant debate surrounding trans people participating in sports going on for quite some time now, the Biden administration has still not made a definitive ruling regarding transgender and nonbinary students in sports.

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