Gen-Z “Kids With Flannel Shirts Drinking Amstel Light” Banned From Bars to Protect the Grown Up Atmosphere

A new “trend” emerges from the social scene, such as bars and eateries. Some establishments are banning those under 30 from enjoying a drink or a meal on their premises. This has seen split views as people are unsure what to make of it. Here’s what’s happening. 

For the “Grown Ups” 

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The Auction House, NY, Bar owner Johnny B. Barounis opened his eatery purposely by featuring niche decor that he felt wouldn’t make sense to freshers out of college or university. According to CNN reports, Barounis wanted to “deter” the younger generation.

“Those Kids”

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In an interview with CNN, the bar owner said, “those kids that had their flannel shirts tied around their waists, wearing their Villanova hats backward, walking around in the street with their Amstel Light beer in their hand.” He wanted to create a niche bar that more people would appreciate.

Avoiding the Potential Riffraff

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Barounis also told CNN in an interview that he “didn’t need a 21 year old” coming into his establishment, causing a scene and ruckus, and then “getting sick” in the bathroom. 

Antique Decor Features 

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In Barounis’ restaurant, he used heavy velvet drapes, crystal chandeliers, art, and antique furnishings. These additions amplified an older-rustic atmosphere. 

Access Denied for 25 and Under Since 1993

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The restaurant denies anyone under the age of 25 entry on Fridays and Saturdays, as per CNN reports. The owner’s policy has been effective since the establishment’s doors opened in 1993 and continues to this day.

Favourable by the 30 Plus-Year-Olds 

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So far, people 30 years and older who have visited these age-restricted bars agree and are happy about the restriction. The loyal patrons of Auction House New York have been visiting the establishment for many years, and the support for this establishment has been evident for 30 years. 

Even More Extreme

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An upmarket Carrabian bar and restaurant in St Louis called Bliss is even more extreme regarding its age restriction rule. Bliss doesn’t allow under 30s and 35s.

Maybe Too Extreme 

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Barounis told CNN perhaps Bliss was operating under more “extreme” restrictions. 

The Large Age Restriction 

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While the Auction House New York Bar prohibited under-25s on the weekend, Bliss took it to another level. Bliss prohibits men under 35 and women under 30 from “the joys” of their dining experience. 

Expanding the Love 

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Because of the support from patrons, Auction House has managed to open a sister bar with the same 25 and older age restriction. 

Speakeasy Vibes

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Barounis told CNN that the age restriction when he opened the doors was frowned upon and rare in previous years. However, “three decades later, the bar is something of an institution,” he said. The sister branch is called The Backroom, inspired by the original speakeasy of its time. 

There’s a Reason for the Bliss Age Restriction 

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Bliss owners Marvin and Tina Pate told CNN they had a reason for setting the high age restriction for their establishment. 

Sophistication and Maturity

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The pair said they wanted to create a “resort lounge feel” within their restaurant. They also said they intended to create a “grown and sexy” atmosphere and that the policy helped uphold the sophistication.  

No Intensions of Discrimination

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The Pate’s told The New York Times that they didn’t intend to discriminate against their customers or try to keep young people away as though they were “bringing riffraff.” 

Comfort for Our Matured Audience

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The intention behind the restaurant’s high age restriction, the pair said, was to create an environment where “older customers feel comfortable.” 

Views by Local Communities Are Split

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Barounis’ bar seems to be doing well with its customers. However, some people are not too happy with Pate’s decision to implement age bans, which are so high. 

What Some Customers Said 

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One customer said that the age restriction was good because  “It stops all the riffraff that goes in in St Louis.” Other customers commented on how they enjoyed the “chill atmosphere” of the Bliss bar. Some people encouraged the bar owners to keep the age restriction. 

Opposing Views 

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Other people affected by the age ban said they were unhappy, with one reporting that he was 33 years old and furious that he could not dine out at the Bliss restaurant. He told the New York Times that he didn’t choose the day, month, or year of his birth, just as he never chose the colour of his skin or hair. 

Not Good for a Restaurant

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Another person voiced their feelings about the age ban for a restaurant, calling it a “reach.” The individual also said that if it was a bar or an event, then it could work.

Experts Weigh In 

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Jason Caplan, CEO of the restaurant consulting firm JK Consulting, told CNN that he sees age restrictions as part of bar regulations. Still, restaurants may not be able to implement such restrictions. He said that “young people spend more money dining and eating out.” He added that age restrictions might not benefit restaurants with lower profit margins.

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