Alice Cooper Stirs Controversy with Comments on Transgender Topics, Labeling Them a ‘Dangerous Fad’

Aging rock musician Alice Cooper (75) has been dropped by Vampyre Cosmetics following comments stating transgenderism as a “fad.” Here’s the full story. The Players The cosmetics brand owned by the LGBTQ+ community, ended its partnership with Cooper after he criticized procedures related to gender transition for minors. Controversial Interview This decision was made in … Read more

Evangelical Leader Sounds Alarm – Faith Crisis as Some Label Jesus’s Teachings ‘Weak’

Russell Moore, the editor-in-chief of Christianity Today and a prominent evangelical leader, has raised a poignant alarm about the direction in which Christianity is heading. Here’s the whole story. Christianity Is Veering Too Far to the Right Moore believes evangelical Christianity is veering too far to the right, where even the teachings of Jesus, as … Read more