Unmentionables: 21 Damaging Issues Americans Face Today But Nobody Dare Talk About

In today’s fast-paced world, understanding what truly matters to you can feel like a maze. What are the core issues that shape your daily life and political views?

1. Healthcare Costs

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Are you feeling the pinch with rising healthcare costs? It’s no secret that the average American family now spends over $20,000 a year on healthcare premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. How can we balance quality care with affordability?

2. Job Security

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Worried about your job with the constant changes in the job market? With automation and outsourcing, maintaining stable employment is a major stressor. How do you adapt to these shifts and secure your livelihood?

3. Education Quality

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Concerned about the education your kids are getting? With U.S. students ranking 13th in reading and 37th in math globally, improving our schools is critical. What steps can you take to ensure your child receives a top-notch education?

4. Public Safety

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Do you feel safe in your community? Rising crime rates in cities like Chicago and San Francisco are alarming. How can we support law enforcement while fostering trust and cooperation?

5. National Security

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Worried about threats from abroad? With increasing tensions with countries like China and Russia, national security is a top priority. How do we strengthen our defenses while upholding our values?

6. Immigration Policies

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How do you feel about the immigration debate? Balancing security and compassion is complex, especially with over 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. What is the best approach?

7. Economic Stability

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Is the economy working for you? Despite low unemployment rates, wage stagnation is a reality for many. What policies can ensure growth without leaving you behind?

8. Tax Policies

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Do you think you’re paying too much in taxes? With debates on tax cuts and who benefits most, creating a fair system is crucial. How can we develop tax policies that support everyone fairly?

9. Climate Change

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Are you worried about climate change? With more frequent natural disasters hitting states like Florida and California, environmental concerns are growing. What actions can you take to protect our planet?

10. Social Security

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Counting on Social Security for retirement? With the trust fund projected to be depleted by 2035, ensuring its longevity is essential. How do we secure this lifeline for future generations?

11. Veteran Care

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Do you think our veterans are getting the care they deserve? With ongoing issues at the VA, improving support for those who served is vital. How can we better support our veterans?

12. Gun Rights

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Where do you stand on gun rights? Balancing the Second Amendment with public safety is an ongoing debate. How do we protect the right to bear arms while ensuring safety in our communities?

13. Opioid Crisis

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Is the opioid crisis affecting your community? With over 93,000 drug overdose deaths in 2020, this epidemic continues to devastate lives. What measures can we implement to combat this crisis effectively?

14. Affordable Housing

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Struggling with housing costs? Cities like New York and San Francisco are seeing skyrocketing prices, making affordable housing a pressing issue. How do we ensure everyone has a place to call home?

15. Infrastructure

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Frustrated with potholes and outdated bridges? Our aging infrastructure needs serious attention, with the American Society of Civil Engineers giving it a C- grade. What investments are necessary to modernize our roads, bridges, and public systems?

16. Racial Equality

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Do you believe racial equality has been achieved? Protests and movements like Black Lives Matter highlight ongoing disparities. How can we foster a society where everyone is treated equally?

17. LGBTQ+ Rights

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Where do you stand on LGBTQ+ rights? With ongoing debates about discrimination and equality, protecting the rights of all individuals is essential. What steps can we take to promote inclusivity and fairness?

18. Mental Health

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Is mental health a priority for you? With increasing awareness but persistent stigma, improving access to care is crucial. How can we reduce stigma and ensure everyone gets the help they need?

19. Voting Rights

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Concerned about voting access and integrity? With changes in voting laws in states like Georgia and Texas, ensuring fair and accessible voting is fundamental. What can we do to protect and enhance voting rights?

20. Media Bias

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Do you trust the media? With growing perceptions of bias, trust in the media is wavering. How can we encourage balanced and honest reporting?

21. Energy Independence

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Are you worried about energy prices? Achieving energy independence is crucial for national security and economic stability. What strategies can lead us toward sustainable energy solutions?

The Heart of the Matter

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These issues shape your daily life and future. By understanding and addressing them, we can work towards a stronger, more united America.

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