21 Terrorism-Free Countries Attracting Americans in Search of Safety

As concerns over domestic terrorism intensify within the United States, a growing number of Americans are exploring relocation to countries recognized for their tranquility and security. These nations not only offer safe havens from violence but also exemplify successful strategies in maintaining peace through community cohesion, effective law enforcement, and strict regulation of firearms. Here are 21 countries where Americans are finding both security and enriching experiences as tourists or potential residents.

1. Iceland

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Iceland, with its remote and peaceful setting, offers not just safety but stunning natural landscapes like the Northern Lights and Blue Lagoon, making it perfect for those seeking tranquility and beauty.

2. New Zealand

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After swiftly enacting strict gun control measures following the 2019 Christchurch attack, New Zealand has enhanced its appeal as a secure destination, beloved for its breathtaking landscapes from Fiordland to the Hobbiton movie set.

3. Portugal

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Known for its warm climate and friendly locals, Portugal ensures a safe environment with minimal internal conflict and a community-oriented policing strategy. Tourists can enjoy the historic sites in Lisbon and Porto and relax in the Algarve’s sunny beaches.

4. Switzerland

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Switzerland maintains safety through a unique combination of neutrality, community responsibility, and high-standard law enforcement, making it ideal for enjoying the serene Alps and vibrant cultural festivals in cities like Zurich and Geneva.

5. Japan

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Japan’s cultural emphasis on respect and order significantly reduces crime rates, offering a safe environment where visitors can revel in everything from cherry blossoms in Kyoto to bustling Tokyo technology and fashion.

6. Finland

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Finland, celebrated for its Northern Lights and vast wilderness, offers a peaceful setting thanks to its strong social policies and community trust in the police, ensuring a safe and inviting atmosphere for all.

7. Norway

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Norway combines breathtaking fjords and vibrant aurora displays with a safe, gun-controlled environment fostered by a deeply ingrained trust in societal institutions and comprehensive social welfare.

8. Austria

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In Austria, public safety is maintained through careful urban planning and effective policing, allowing tourists to safely enjoy its classical music heritage and stunning architecture in cities like Vienna and Salzburg.

9. Slovenia

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With its strategic focus on community safety education and low firearm circulation, Slovenia is not just secure but also a haven for adventurers looking to explore its lakes and caves without worry.

10. Singapore

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The rigorous laws and omnipresent surveillance in Singapore may seem strict, but they keep the city-state exceptionally safe for exploring its vibrant street food scene and modern skyscrapers.

11. Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic offers a secure environment with a vibrant cultural scene that allows tourists to wander safely through historic Prague and enjoy local beer gardens and festivals without concern.

12. Denmark

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Denmark’s focus on social cohesion and public safety makes it one of the safest countries, where visitors can enjoy the colorful Nyhavn harbor, the Tivoli Gardens, and Copenhagen’s thriving culinary scene.

13. Australia

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Following comprehensive gun reform, Australia has become a safe destination where travelers can explore the Great Barrier Reef, vibrant Sydney, and the rugged Outback with peace of mind.

14. Ireland

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Ireland ensures public safety through community-centric policing and tight gun controls, inviting tourists to safely explore its green landscapes, historic castles, and lively pubs.

15. South Korea

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In South Korea, stringent gun laws and a harmonious social order allow visitors to safely experience its dynamic cities, ancient palaces, and cutting-edge technology.

16. Sweden

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With extensive welfare systems and proactive community safety programs, Sweden is a safe haven for exploring the historic streets of Stockholm and the northern lights in Lapland.

17. Netherlands

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The Netherlands’ inclusive policies and strong gun control laws provide a secure environment for enjoying the tulip fields, windmills, and vibrant art scenes in cities like Amsterdam.

18. Belgium

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Belgium’s integrated community policing ensures a safe atmosphere for visitors to indulge in its renowned chocolate, waffles, and medieval towns.

19. Luxembourg

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As one of the safest countries in the world, Luxembourg offers visitors the chance to explore its wealthy heritage, castles, and rolling landscapes without concern.

20. Spain

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With its proactive approach to community safety and regulation of weapons, Spain offers a secure environment to enjoy its rich history, lively fiestas, and sunny beaches.

21. Austria

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Austria’s combination of effective policing and a community-focused approach to safety makes it a prime destination for tourists to safely explore the country’s musical heritage and stunning alpine vistas.

Pack Your Bag

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These destinations not only offer escapes from potential domestic threats but also provide enriching cultural experiences, making them perfect for both brief visits and extended stays.

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