20 Infuriating American Habits the Rest of the World Fails to Appreciate

While American culture is influential globally, not every U.S. habit is a hit overseas. Here are 20 American customs that other countries have politely—or firmly—declined.

1. Overly Friendly Small Talk

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Striking up casual conversations with strangers can seem intrusive elsewhere. In many cultures, privacy is prized and boundaries respected.

2. Tipping Culture

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Tipping in the U.S. can feel mandatory and excessive. Elsewhere, fair wages are expected, and service charges are often included.

3. Supersized Portions

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American portion sizes are bewilderingly large to others. Most countries prefer smaller, more frequent meals.

4. Sales Tax Not Included in Prices

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Most of the world enjoys the simplicity of knowing the full price upfront. The added math at the register in the U.S. is a puzzling inconvenience.

5. Baby Showers

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Celebrating unborn children with a party full of gifts is uniquely American. Many cultures consider it presumptuous or even bad luck.

6. Extremely Casual Dress Codes

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In many parts of the world, dressing down too much is seen as sloppy or disrespectful. Attire is more formal, even in relaxed settings.

7. Excessive Patriotism

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American flags on every porch and an anthem before every game can seem over-the-top. Such overt nationalism is often viewed as aggressive or jingoistic elsewhere.

8. Ice in All Beverages

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Americans love their drinks ice-cold, a preference that puzzles warmer countries. Elsewhere, beverages are served mildly chilled or at room temperature.

9. 24/7 Shopping

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The concept of stores operating around-the-clock is not common in places that value work-life balance. Most global shops close early to preserve quality of life.

10. Pharmaceutical Ads

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Direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising is almost exclusively an American practice. In other countries, medications are prescribed without commercial influence.

11. Overly Processed Foods

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The American grocery aisles are a testament to chemical preservation. Other nations prioritize fresh, local ingredients over convenience.

12. Jumbo-Sized Drinks

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In America, a small drink is the size of most countries’ large. The rest of the world does not equate quantity with quality.

13. Personal Space Expectations

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Americans treasure a wide personal bubble. In many cultures, close proximity is normal and even comforting.

14. Frequent Standing Ovations

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In the U.S., standing ovations are common, but internationally, they’re reserved for truly outstanding performances. This dilution of praise can diminish its significance.

15. Saying “How are you?” as a Greeting

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Asking someone how they are without expecting a real answer is quintessentially American. Elsewhere, this question warrants a genuine conversation.

16. Refills on Soft Drinks

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Free refills are a distinctly American indulgence. In other places, moderation is more common and expected.

17. Writing Dates as Month/Day/Year

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This date format confuses the rest of the world, where Day/Month/Year is logical and standard. American dates can lead to significant misunderstandings.

18. Air Conditioning Everywhere

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In the U.S., air conditioning is ubiquitous and often set to ‘Arctic’. Most global citizens prefer natural air and are more energy-conscious.

19. Loudness in Public

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Americans often speak at volumes that are considered loud in other parts of the world. Such boisterousness can be seen as lacking refinement.

20. Using Credit Over Cash

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In America, plastic reigns, but cash is still king in much of the world. Many cultures distrust credit and prefer tangible currency transactions.

Cultural Export Errors

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As these examples show, American ways are not always the international norm. When traveling, it might be wise to remember that when in Rome, do as the Romans do—not as the Americans might.

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