How to Write a Resume For Any Job + Free Templates


Here is the truth about corporate America: Your resume is your first impression, and putting your best foot forward starts with writing a resume.

Writing the best resume for a job title takes practice! But it’s a time well spent because of the amount of gratitude you will get once you pass it in and get the position.


In this story, you’ll learn exactly how to write the perfect resume that highlights your work experience, grabs attention, and sets you up for an interview during your job search.

Why You Should Trust My Advice

I have applied to and gotten/accepted to some of the most competitive jobs, scholarships, and universities in the world throughout my career.

What Is a Resume?

A resume is a 1-Page document that summarizes your academic and professional experience for prospective employers.

A resume is nothing more than a personal marketing tool! It’s NOT a biography. It’s the paper version of your best self, which is tailored to a job you’re applying for.

We should limit a resume to a single page (unless you are a senior executive with many years of experience), while a CV may stretch several pages, the resume format might differ a bit.

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