Why Won't Anyone Hire Me


Whether you’re hoping for a career change or simply looking to get hired into role, it’s not unsual to ask yourself why you’re not succeding in finding a job.

The job search process is not linear. You may have to apply for dozens of jobs before getting a single interview, and you may be rejected many times before landing a job.


But there are reasons you’re not getting job offers – and things you can do to improve your chances of getting hired.

Your Resume & Cover Letter Need Work

A generic resume and cover letter are more likely to get lost in the shuffle than ones tailored to the company and position, so take the time to customize them.

You Don’t Stand Out

Consider your strengths and how they support the business, and put that on your resume. Stand-out resumes are more about accomplishments than job duties.

You Suck at Job Interviews

Job interviews are an art form. They range from casual conversations to intense, multi-step processes with projects or homework to complete. You need to prepare for them.

You Don’t Have the Right Skills

One option to fix this is to take an online class to learn new skills or improve the ones you have.

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