Why Will  No One Hire Me?

With the average job search taking 5 to 6 months, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you must put in the effort to find the right job and be patient when facing with the inevitable setbacks.


The job search process is not linear. You may have to apply for dozens of jobs before getting a single interview, and you may be rejected many times before landing a job.


But there are reasons you’re not getting job offers – and things you can do to improve your chances of getting hired.


Why Will No One

Hire Me?

Your Resume & Cover Letter Need Work

You may be the perfect candidate for the job, but if your resume and cover letter don’t convey that, you won’t be getting called for an interview.

You Don’t Stand Out

Although your resume is about you, it’s really about what you can do for employers. Show them why they need to hire you.

You Suck at Job Interviews

Practice mock interviewing with a career counselor, friend, or family member to overcome your nerves and prepare your best answers to common interview questions.

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