Ways to Increase Your Work Confidence

In the nearly ten years since Sheryl Sandberg released Lean In, there’s been a lot of conversations about how to be more confident in the workplace.

However, many employees still struggle with negative self-talk, imposter syndrome, and nagging fears of rejection.

Faith in oneself comes from an inner strength developed through positive reinforcement, discipline, and practice.

Unfortunately, no one is born with a golden bag of confidence. So, if you’re struggling, lean in–here are 21 ways to boost your confidence at the office.

How To Be More Confident

 Keep Up The Great Work You’re doing fantastic work. That’s why you have the job or have gone through the career change. Now grow in it.

Track Your Success Keep a list of your accomplishments and reflect on them. This simple act helps you remember all of your contributions. Try to find one success every day.

Never Stop Learning Pick up some new skills and never stop learning. Knowledge naturally makes you more confident. You can express ideas and thoughts with greater conviction and planning.

Stay Organized A decluttered desk equals a decluttered mind. Boost your confidence and productivity with an organized workstation that allows you to be efficient in your work.

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