Two Biggest Resume Mistakes According to This Job Hunting Coach

If you’re an experienced professional, chances are you’ve got the basics covered in your resume. Quantifiable results. Check.

Page length is limited to two or three pages. Check. Keywords from the job description are included in your resume. Check.

But with a majority of job seekers all using the same resume template and text to list their responsibilities and successes, you may be missing some key information that can set you apart from the competition.

I’m a job hunting coach and corporate recruiter and below are the two biggest mistakes I see when reviewing and editing corporate professionals’ resumes.

Biggest Resume Mistakes

Not Providing Employer Context

What was your employer going through during your time there? Was your employer going through massive growth in funding or staffing, a merger or acquisition, or layoffs?

Employers want to know that you have experience working in different company growth phases or have worked in a variety of challenging environments to gain a clear picture of your experience.

Example #1 Before: Senior Software Engineer for a recruiting software company that grew 20% in FY22.

Revised: Senior Software Engineer for a fast-growing recruiting software company that grew 20% and received series C funding in FY22.