Try These 3 Unique Side Hustles For 2023

Many people have chosen side hustles to bring in extra income to support their needs or to save for something important—such as a home, car, or trip.

Others do it out of necessity if extra bills pop up that they need to fund.

Whether it’s a tough time or a time of inflation, finding ways to make money are essential.

Side Hustles for Passive Income

1. Performance Entertainment For those who might have the talent to share with the world, consider using it for extra cash .

Michael Corbus, of Oak Grove, Oregon, has been performing as a Neil Diamond impersonator since 1994. Under the name of Happy Diamond, he realized he sounded a lot like him when working as a DJ.

He added a Neil Diamond impression to his comedy act as a 24-year-old, with the Diamond bit emerging as his most entertaining. When he started, he made about $1,500 per show-up until 2007, when he took a ten-year break when his daughter was born.

2. Re-Selling Business One person’s “trash” becomes another person’s treasure—and brings in extra income for Lisa Hill of Portland, Oregon. Under the name of Lisa’s  Furniture and More, Hill has been selling furniture online—a side hustle turned into a full-time business—since 2017.

Her side hustle started while working her administrative job when she found free furniture, painted it, and resold it. Friends advised that she was good at selling stuff online, and it took off.