Top Fastest-Growing Jobs in Education

To discover the fastest-growing jobs in education, HeyTutor analyzed the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections data to find the occupations with the largest projected increase in jobs from 2021 to 2031.

This analysis ranks occupations by percentage employment increase in that timeframe. Overall, the BLS data projects employment to grow about 5.3% from 2021 to 2031.

Jobs within this sector include educators at the preschool, elementary, middle, and high school levels and postsecondary educators at colleges, universities, trade schools, and other graduate-level institutions.

Whether you’re just considering your future job or hoping to make a mid-life career change, let this list of the 10 fastest-growing jobs in education serve as inspiration.

Top 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs in Education 

#10. Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers (Postsecondary)

To teach criminal justice or law enforcement at the postsecondary level, you’ll likely need a master’s degree, if not further education such as a Ph.D. in criminology or a law degree.

Someone in this role might have the title of professor, adjunct professor, or visiting instructor. You’ll also likely need to stay up to date on the latest trends in the field.

Trends might include technological innovations like computer vision and robotics and societal changes like the shift toward community-based policing and the prison reform movement.

Criminal justice and law enforcement teachers in California, New York, and Connecticut earn the highest annual mean wages in the country—upwards of $144,000, in California.