Things to Know Before Investing in a Timeshare


If you like travel and enjoy returning to the same vacation spot, a timeshare could be for you.

The global timeshare market is forecast to be worth $29,190 million by 2028, from $17,720 million in 2021, at a compounded growth of 7.6% (yearly) from 2022-2028.

Timeshares are the most popular product segment, with a market share of more than 55%. The market continues to grow so it’s no wonder travellers continue to ask exactly what is a timeshare.

Things to Know Before Investing in a Timeshare

1) Ongoing Fees

These fees cover property management, property insurance, property taxes, landscaping and maintenance, common area and grounds, and improvement of rooms. 

2) Can be Difficult to Sell

Purchasing a timeshare needs ongoing monthly fees and somewhat restrictive travel prerequisites, and many travelers do not prefer to buy into this type of commitment. 

3) Timeshare Values Rarely Appreciate

A timeshare is generally not the ideal investment option if an investor is looking at investing in a vacation spot that will appreciate over time.

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