6 Fan Facts About Snoop Dogg Net Worth and Other Things Little Known

Snoop Dogg, the man born Cordozar Calvin Broadus, is a one-man cultural phenomenon. With over 30 million records sold, he is a multi-millionaire rapper with enough money to buy, hmm… well, you name it!

He first gained prominence about 30 years ago as a gangster rapper but has since become an indelible part of popular culture and seems always to be on TV

6 Fan Facts About Him

1) Snoop Dogg Net Worth

As of Sep 2022, Snoop Dogg net worth is $150 million.

In 2007, Snoop Dogg made $1.83 million from the sale of his Claremont, California mansion, that included eight bedrooms and 6,527 square feet of Mediterranean design.

Snoop Dogg has amassed a massive fortune thanks to his career as a rapper, but he has worn many other hats throughout his career.

2) He's Got a Diverse Range of Talents

Besides releasing new music, he hosts a regular show on VH1, manages his own investment fund, he seems to have his fingers in many pies.

It is interesting to get a glimpse into his journey from being an introverted musician to launching multiple businesses with new ventures in the booming cannabis sector.

3) Snoop Dogg's Early Life