What is Rick Ross Net Worth and Other Facts About the Rapper Entrepreneur

If you’re wondering what Rick Ross’ net worth is, look no further.

He one of America’s most well-known rappers and songwriters. He’s also developed a name within the music industry as an entrepreneur and record producer.

Based on 2022 valuations, which include his back catalog, music business, and real estate, Rick Ross’s network is valued at around $50 million.

The Early Life of Rick Ross

Ross was born William Leonard Roberts II in January 1976. He grew up in the Carroll City neighborhood of Florida and later gained a football scholarship to attend Albany State University.

After university and before his music career, Rick Ross spent two years working as a prison officer.

Ross’ Colorful History

Rick Ross has previously had run-ins with the police; he’s been arrested for possessing weapons and drugs, not to mention that he’s been sued by other people in the music industry.

In January 2008, Ross was taken into custody on suspicion of having a gun and marijuana.

Rick Ross Net Worth

There have been points during his career that span two decades that he was in the top ten best-paid rappers globally. Over his career, his total earnings have exceeded $90 million.